UCA Students’ Union represents, supports and provides opportunities for every student at the University. We want you to get the most out of your time at UCA.

Ultimately, we are here to make your life better as a UCA student. There are plenty of ways to be part of the Students’ Union and help us do this.

If you want to improve the experience of living and studying at UCA, you can join or run a club or society, be on Student Council, be a Course Rep, get your work in Glue magazine, and meet new friends. We are separate from the University, run by elected officers and supported by a team of dedicated staff on every UCA campus.

We offer a range of information, advice and guidance on academic and welfare issues. If things aren’t going as you expected, we normally know how to get you back on track. You’ll get a warm welcome in the Students’ Union, and we’ll always do our best to help you through whatever is on your mind.

With so many ways to be an active part of the Students’ Union, the possibilities are huge!

Your Campus Officers

Canterbury - Anthony Gray

Anthony Gray

Epsom - Louise Green

Louise Green

Farnham - Jayne Horswill

Jayne Horswill

Maidstone - David Lewis

David Lewis

Rochester - Jasmin Grimshaw

Jasmin Grimshaw


What Students Say...

When concerns and worries about course and university issues were at a distressing tipping point, the Union helped me rationalise and encourage a student-led defence against the problems

Tariq E, Maidstone

UCASU has provided me with the support to set up a society that will benefit so many students.

Ashley W, Epsom

Thanks for an amazing three years and for helping me so much.

Sarah K, Farnham

The Union brought back Life Drawing to the Illustration department after it was cancelled. Life drawing was an integral part of our practice so it was greatly appreciated when it returned!

Ewan G, Maidstone

The Union is an extremely effective group that helps students solve problems arising from course or academic areas.

Lee E, Epsom

The Union gives hope... when winter is coming.

Laura W, Maidstone