Welcome to the Virtual Union. In light of the impact of COVID-19 on our lives, your SU has moved online so we can keep bringing you fun, learning, and community no matter where you are. Communities, clubs and societies, and events are all here, just in a different way than you might be used to. You can join us for livestream events every week and check out the activity centre 24/7.

Here you can see all of our upcoming online events. To see more details about previous events (including videos) and introductions from some of our event leaders, visit the ‘Activity Centre’ tab.

Not all events on this calendar are provided by UCASU; we are sharing a wide range of activities and opportunities that we think might interest you within the local community as well.

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Sophie’s CHEER Themed Workout

Join Sophie for a CHEER Themed Workout inspired by the hit Netflix series CHEER. You will need a dumbell, weight or filled water bottles for this workout!

Sophie’s Pirate HIIT Workout

Join Sophie the Student Engagement Coordinator (and Cheerleading/Dance Coach) for a workout class themed by Pirates of the Carribean!

Sophie’s HSM Dance Class

Join Sophie the Student Engagement Coordinator (and Cheerleading/Dance Coach) for a class teaching how to do the dance from popular film High School Musical

Sessions – Acoustic Guitar lesson

Welcome to Sessions. Sessions is a new series of different videos and tutorials focusing on a range of different skills and Talents. Learn different skills in isolation with UCA students. Today’s first-ever session is an introduction to acoustic guitar playing. Teaching you is Will Willis, a Farnham Acting and Performance student. Will has performed at […]

Sophie’s 10 Minute Arms & Abs Workout

Join Sophie the Student Engagement Coordinator (and Cheerleading/Dance Coach) for a 10 minutes Arms & Abs Workout.

Glasshouse Playlist – Dreamfields

Hey everyone! As times are pretty tough right now, we all need a pick-me-up. I have created a 16-hour playlist full of songs we would play at DREAMFIELDS, so you can get your fill from the comfort of your home. Music can often be a hopeful release in a tough time, so we encourage you […]

Meditation and SOS exercises by Headspace

Headspace is offering a selection of free meditations, mindfulness exercises, and SOS exercises for panic attacks. These have been curated with the COVID-19 pandemic in mind. You can find a selection on the Headspace website, and on their app.

Sophie’s TikTok Dance Class

Join Sophie the Student Engagement Coordinator (and Cheerleading/Dance Coach) for a 30 minute TikTok Dance Class. Learn the TikTok Dances to The Weekend Blinding Lights, Doja Cat Say So, Blueberry Faygo and Sunday Best.

Glasshouse – Song Challenge

  Hi everyone! As Glasshouse is currently closed, we want to try and spread some positivity in the form of memories. We have seen many people taking part in the Instagram ‘30 day song challenge’. We have decided to create our own for you all to download and complete. Post this to your social media […]

Make your own McDonald’s, Pret or Greggs

McDonald’s, Pret, and Greggs have all shared recipes for some of their iconic dishes, so you can make them yourself at home. Make McDonald’s Sausage and Egg McMuffin. Make Pret’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. Make Greggs’ Sausage, Cheese and Bean melt. 

Get an LGBT+ Wellbeing Support Pack from Switchboard

Switchboard, the LGBT+ helpline, says: We’ve put together a pack to help you feel supported, comforted and less alone during this uncertain time. We want to share some tips to help manage anxiety, suggestions on what to do when you’re feeling low, some grounding exercises and a wellness toolbox. It’s all personal and each of […]

Join the Isolation Art Club

Every day on Instagram you can find a new prompt to use in whatever art or craft you practice. You can submit your work each day to be shared on the @isolationartclub Instagram, and be part of a community of artists working through this strange time.

Start a Yoga course

You can find several free 30 day Yoga challenges on YouTube, hosted by Yoga with Adriene. You can easily do these videos at home, helping to build your flexibility and strength.

Go to a virtual club in Berlin

United We Stream is streaming DJ sets several times a week, showing support for a variety of clubs across Berlin. You can watch these for free on the United We Stream site.

Virtual tour of Sistine Chapel, Louvre, British Museum…

Try a free virtual tour of the most famous museums and galleries in the world: Sistine Chapel, Vatican City British Museum, London Guggenheim Museum, New York Musée d’Orsay, Paris National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea Pergamon Museum, Berlin Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Louvre, Paris Uffizi Gallery, Florence

The Sarabande Sessions

The Lee Alexander McQueen foundation or ‘Sarabande’ has shared a bunch of digital sessions on their website, covering topics from creative inspiration to digital strategy. Check them out on the Sarabande website now.

Free audiobook library on Audible

Audible has released thousands of audiobooks for free! You can access these at stories.audible.com/discovery – it includes classics, young adult fiction, and books in a number of different languages. You can listen to these audiobooks on a computer, phone or tablet.

Learn British Sign Language online

British Sign is offering an ‘Introducing BSL’ course which usually costs £25, now on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. It’s an online course you can study in your own time, and you get access to all the materials for an entire year. The course is made up of 10 lessons, each ending with a […]