We take care in making sure that UCA Students’ Union is functioning as environmentally friendly as possible. In this section you will find all the active policies regarding sustainability.

These policies guide us in our purchasing of items such as sports kit where we work with providers such as:

  • Rhino Teamwear who are WRAP certified and garments are all make in the UK.
  • Gildan which have a Genuine Responsibility program for its workers, which includes environmental stewardship and community engagement initiatives.



Non-Investment with Non-Sustainable and Other Questionable Companies and Organisations

Valid from: 07 April 2016

Reviewal date: 07 April 2019

The Union notes:

  1. That the freedom of expression and speech is a basic human right protected by Law.
  2. That open debate is central to academic freedom and is protected by an Act of Parliament relating to freedom of speech and academic freedom on campus.
  3. That this policy is also in conjunction with the Freedom of Information Act.
  4. That currently there is no list concerning companies or organisations the Union or institution invest in however, when a list is created this policy will be updated and the list will be non-exhaustive.

The Union believes:

  1. That students have a right to be able to access the University and Union’s investment portfolio, when one is created.
  2. That students have a right to comment and question the University and Union’s investment decisions.

This Union resolves:

  1. That there will be no investment of money into companies or organisations that are related to, both directly and indirectly; Fossil Fuels, non-Sustainable organisations, arms dealerships, terrorism, and modern slavery
  2. That when the University or Union decide to invest money into a company or organisation, a committee should be held that hold representatives from both the institution and Union to discuss initial investment groups.
  3. That parties involved do not need to discuss amounts being invested but use the committee to discuss the choice of investment, the benefits, reflection on the student body, the organisation and their ties to other organisations. The University and Union note the sensitivity of the information that is shared in mutual respect between both parties.
  4. That when looking for potential investment partners the following should be considered first; sustainable clean technologies, green energy, creative based initiatives, student positive organisations etc.