How Can you get involved?

Regardless of what campus you are based in there are various ways you get involved with sustainability! Below are the main ways you can join in and contribute to UCA’s green growth.

Community groups

In each UCA local community, there are many groups you can get involved with ranging from gardening groups, political parties, food banks, soup kitchen, homeless shelters, to volunteering opportunities with charities.



They are ways that every student can contribute to change at UCA. They happen once a term and sustainability is a key theme! You can give feedback and feed into green campaigns and decisions being made at the Union and University. The SU Presidents presiding over the Campus Forums are here to listen to any suggestions and ideas you want to implement on campus and present them to staff and students! You can contact them by visiting the Students’ Union office on your campus.You can check the date for the next campus forum across our social media!


Sustainability, RAG and Volunteering Community

Every campus has a Sustainability Community and is for anyone interested in the environment and positive social change; we will offer fundraising, long term or one off volunteering and a range of sustainable projects to get involved it. We will also lead campaigns and socials. We’re in a climate crisis and the Sustainability, RAG and Volunteering Community aims be a positive impact on UCA’s four local areas. You can volunteer to help run your Community or participate as a casual members. You can find out more about Communities here.



Every year, SU Presidents will put on sustainability related campaigns. Some successful ones in the past include Less is More campaign which aimed to reduce the amount of plastic used in catering areas, Veganuary Challenge, Environmenstral action to get free sanitary products on campus and ‘Is my curriculum inclusive?’ campaign which aimed to find out whether UCA education was inclusive and diverse.

This year the President of Surrey is working on two social justice campaigns which lead on from the inclusive curriculum and campus culture campaigns of previous years. The ‘Culture Matters’ sister-campaigns strive to create a safe space on campus for all UCA students. You can find out more about the campaigns here.