Student Cross Discipline Collaboration

Valid from: 07 April 2016

Reviewal date: 07 April 2019

The Union notes:

  1. That the University for the Creative Arts offer a range of courses that students have access to as well as a diverse variety of creative talent.
  2. Collaboration between different disciplines is an essential part of creative industries, yet there is currently no place for students to advertise collaboration opportunities or for students to sign up to such openings.
  3. That collaborative work would; give students valuable experience, help develop various skills, broaden the possibilities of projects they can undertake, help create professional networks, and help to unify the different campuses.

The Union believes:

  1. Facilitating collaborative opportunities is hugely beneficial and should be an area of future development for both the Union and institution.

The Union resolves:

  1. To create and maintain a physical and online place for; students to post collaborative opportunities, students to post their portfolios and put themselves forward to collaborative, facility and resource sharing between campuses.
  2. To keep the physical and online spaces up-to-date with student work and content.