There may be many reasons why you’re thinking of leaving. You may be unhappy being away from home, the workload may be heavier than expected, the course or university could be wrong for you, or perhaps you are having a tough time personally or financially. Whatever the reasons, please talk to someone!


Talk to us at the Union. We will do whatever we can to help you make the right choice.

If you have academic concerns about your course or studies, chat to a member of staff you feel comfortable with about how you are feeling; they will be able to help you think through your options.

If you are struggling with the workload or with understanding how to do well in assessments, book an appointment with the Learning Development Tutor. You can find the contact details for the learning Development Tutor at your campus on UCA’s library webpage, or book an appointment through the Gateway desk in the library.

You may have personal issues you want to talk about with a counsellor. The counselling service can provide a one-to-one, confidential service where you can discuss anything you want. If you wish to speak to a counsellor, check out the website or contact Library & Student Services at the Gateway desk in the library.

Each campus has ‘Money Doctor’ that can answer all issues with finances. Get in touch by visiting your campus Student Advice Manager or email Each campus also has Specialist Advisors who deal with all things student finance. Find out who to contact here.


Non-academic interruption is when you get permission to take a break from continuous study, for personal reasons and not academic performance. This can happen after the start of a stage.

If you choose to interrupt your studies for non-academic reasons, you must discuss this with the Course Leader and seek the University’s approval. Interruption will be at the discretion of your Head of School.

If you don’t seek approval and have not provided medical or other evidence about non-attendance (of two weeks) UCA will assume that you have withdrawn.

If you need to interrupt your studies for medical reasons, you will be required to provide evidence that you are fit to resume your studies before you rejoin the course.

Interruption will initially be approved for a period of no longer than one year, and will normally be approved for a period not longer than a term/semester. You are entitled to apply for further successive periods of interruption.


You may feel you are on the wrong course or at the wrong university. If so, speak to your Course Leader as soon as possible.

Leaving university is a massive decision, but there are plenty of people to help you make the right choice, and support from there, so please talk to someone. Come into the Union or email There are loads of options open so it’s worth checking these out before making a decision.


Last updated 27/06/17

Information correct at the time of publishing