The Trustee board is the top governing body at UCASU and has the final say in what the Union does.


Trustees are legally responsible for all the strategy and big decisions made by the Students’ Union. They ensure we operate in an ethical way, within the law, and don’t do anything that could financially damage us.

They meet four times a year and are chaired by one of the campus officers.


These are the four campus officers who have been elected by students to ensure current needs are known to the Board.

Canterbury Sabbatical Trustee – Ellie Webb
Farnham Sabbatical Trustee – Becky Dann
Rochester Sabbatical Trustee – Tasmin Brindley


Up to five current UCA students are elected by the student body to sit on the Board. They will ensure that all decisions made at this level are relevant to current students.

Michael Barrat
Lisa Deraund
Tyler Mainville
Thomas Morton
Jessica Wills


The External Trustees are unpaid positions that provide the UCASU with a wider depth of experience and knowledge. We generally look for people with skills in finance, law, politics and business to provide an expert opinion on our direction.

Josh Smith
Matthew Went
Oliver Williams