The basic job description for Vice-President:

The Vice-President will:
• Be the figurehead for their region.
• Support and create events on their campus (including Freshers Week).
• Lead two of the four liberation groups.
• Organise Campus and Academic Forums with your Campus Executive Officers.
• Develop campaigns in students’ interests
• Sit on relevant committees.
• Liaise with the University on the development of the student experience, complaints, equal opportunities and disciplinary procedures.


Hi! I’m Riley, Vice-President Kent. Before my position in the union I studied Fine Art at Canterbury, I ran for this job to make students enjoy their time here with us at UCA as much as I did and to truly be a platform and voice for the all students.

Some of my priorities this year include of making social spaces more available to students to make improvements to campus life, Work closely with our enterprise departments to develop workshops for students interested in freelance work, create better communications between campuses and work closely with the other officers, Work closely with Vanessa to get students’ interested in running clubs and societies.


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  • Statement about sex-for-rent exploitation in Canterbury

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