Ongoing Campaigns

Fair Assessment 
Questionnaire templates are ready to go live, delaying till we can include an incentive (£50 amazon Gift card etc) which we’ll take from the campaigns budget. Using resources from NUS Connect and NUS Poverty Commission, Current Academics on board with the movement, Feeding back in to NUS Poverty Commission. Also plans to circulate to other Arts institutions based on on-going conversations. Gathering data from preliminarily Fashion Lecturers and course leaders about assumed course costs and working with Student Financial support (NASMA)

Voter Registration
Help from NUS Robbie Young has been slow, student in Rochester however has used her platform in Labour to accelerate a proposal which we are currently trying to present to VC. Using Rochester and Medway as a benchmark we will alter the framework and roll out full voter registration on other campuses as soon as able.

Accommodation Workshop
Interest in this campaign is mounting the more students I talk to about this, with some even offering assistance, this has led to personal meetings with 3 more local landlords as well as an invite from Mayor and Town Council reps to hold a meeting with HMO standards. Progress within UCA Accommodation services has been slow due to breakdown in communications and other campaigns taking importance.

Farnham Carpark
Summary to our submission of data I attended a meeting on the 18th to discuss action plans going forward, agreement was settled on improving UCA staff transparency between the institution and students, Including Staff in the GU9 regulation, offering external travel provider discounts, (I think that must be why there are bus timetables on my desk now) including student work on the construction hoardings during set up of the Film and media building. And abolishment of unused senior management spaces, didn’t manage to get Pat a space though…

Big Wins

  • Auto Voter registration taking a massive pick up

Annual Leave

Not Stated

Sick Days

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