The basic job description for President:

The President will:
• Be the figurehead of all Surrey campuses
• Develop campaigns in students’ interests
• Sit on relevant committees, including the Board of Governors
• Ensure the Vice Presidents are working cohesively across their campuses
• Liaise with the University on the development of the student experience, complaints, equal opportunities and disciplinary procedures.


In the last few years I helped organise events such as Greg Sestero and Dick and Dom, ran a meme society and went around handing out beans while dressed in a bear suit. For the Epsom, Canterbury or Rochester people who have no idea what I’m talking about, then good, you are the lucky ones. Anyway, so I’m your brand-new elected Student President Surrey!

As well as being open to your ideas I have some things I want to focus on this year:

Action for Black Students Campaign:
·     Increase employment of Black Staff on campus
·     Work on lowering attainment gap
·     More cultural events and art on campus
·     Monthly meetings with campaign group
·     Encourage tutors to bring in Black History into courses

Students Against Sexual Assault Campaign
·     Get UCA to make a statement
·     More protection and support for survivors and harsher action towards abusers
·     UCA version of asking for Angela scheme and consent training

Improving sustainability on campus
·     Announce Climate Emergency
·     EcoBrick scheme
·     More vegan options
·     Prop room

Bigger events for when the Government allows!

·     Quicker fixes of lifts + offer greater support to disabled students
·     Getting rid of deadnames for Trans students on the Uni systems
·     Better mental health support referral guide
·     Safer methods of getting home after events

·     Longer Library hours
·     Set up a student paper

If you have any questions then feel free to message me on Facebook, email me or visit me in the Farnham/Epsom office for a good ol’ chat! I’m really looking forward to representing you guys and being part of some positive changes as well as just having a sick year!

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