Ongoing Campaigns

IT Policy
Since the last meeting I have asked staff in the LSS about feedback from this new policy and they said they’ve had minimal complaints and if they have – they have been sent to me to talk about it, However no-one has come to see me about the issue.

In total we received 650+ responses, I didn’t hit targets of graduates – but this seemed to be a long process in a short amount of time. Attended the HEA Meeting with our members talking about issues they face from the Employability and enterprise services. Jamie has spent time writing the report which we are very happy with. Date confirmed for the meeting.

Safety Campaign
It comes to my attention that Rochester students sometimes don’t feel safe in the local area, I’m in the early stages of this and looking into a few options.

Art Publication
having Regular meetings with other Students’ Unions to discuss how we plan to make this publication happen.

Save Canterbury Hospital
this has been a slow one but after talks with the President of CCCU we plan to take this further in the coming weeks, just getting through Freshers and the beginning of term.

Big Wins

  • Over 10% of student responses for employability campaign. Successfully attended and presented at Open days. Election Nominations successful in Kent

Annual Leave

25/25 remaining

Sick Days