Ongoing Campaigns

Ended the Survey part of the Campaign gathering over 650+ responses, using the data we collected we combined the research with some recommendations and attended the SRCEEG meeting – Still awaiting the outcome, as soon as its confirmed – I’ll be sharing what I can.

Movement on this has been slow but following the forums that have just gone, it came apparent that students on certain campuses are happy with the improvement of the Allergen options but still feel there is a lack of range on some campuses. I’m in chats with Catering about this. I’m also trying to attend as many of the Food forums as possible throughout the next couple of weeks.

Collaborative Art Publication
I’m still waiting for pricings from Bournemouth who have taken a lead on this. Until then work on this project has stopped from most unions due to not being able to commit without a price. As soon as a price is given I can talk about whether or not this is an option to venture into further or if I have to think of another way to make the publication work.

Collaborative Union project. Save Canterbury Hospital
I recently have attended meetings with CCC (Canterbury City Council) during these meetings we spoke about GP registration and how this would give more funding to our clinics and local resources for hospitals. I am still meeting with other local Unions to talk about a POA about how to implement this and what we can do as Unions to help bring funding back to Canterbury Hospital.

Safety Campaign (Roch)
I’m currently trying to get in touch with Taxi companies to set up a Safe cab service scheme, I’m reaching out to local staff in Rochester to see if they have any recommendations. If you as students have any ideas or recommendations of Taxis that are reliable.

What other actions have you taken as part of your role?

  • I’ve attended Course rep training and now we have a new Advice and representation Co-ordinator I have agreed to deliver the training for any remaining reps.
  • Phill and I have a meeting with Sarah about Safeguarding.
  • Ran Canterbury Forum and gathered relevant information from all the campuses about my Campaigns and have forwarded on issues to others.
  • By-Elections, manned the table and persuaded people to vote. (Ended up in Canterbury getting the highest voter turnout)
  • Attended TDOR event that Canterbury LBGTQ+ Liberation had put together which was truly amazing!
  • Taken a lead on Developing S.H.A.G Week.
  • Sit on the Work/Life balance group we have just created.
  • Agreed to keep my attendance at the CCC community meeting.
  • Canterbury Open Day.
  • Norwich Arts Meet up.
  • Rochester Registry have approached us about having something to hand out on open days, I am working with our Communications Co-ordinator to see if we can get something out for the next open day.

What university meetings have you attended and a brief report on outcomes:

  • Roch COG – Sorted issues with Student cards and enquired about security so students could leave that way in the evening.
  • Architecture School board
  • Canterbury COG – Addressing issues of spaces being booked during academic time, no news at this time.
  • Meeting with the VC, Roni and Alan – In agreement that if the rooms are empty they can be used by students.
  • FE school board – Setting up a meeting about Safeguarding.
  • Student Engagement Workshop Canterbury – Issues around value for money was brought up.
  • Student Engagement Workshop Rochester – Issues around value for money was brought up.
  • Meeting with CamKop – talking about their outreach program. Working and developing something to get into Schools more and keep students choosing Arts for FE.

What are your plans for the next three months?

I plan over the next three months, now that my major campaign will quieten down, I plan to continue the work on my other campaigns and push forward with these a bit more. I will do this by working closely with relevant staff members within the Union and the University. Really push forward with the safety campaign in Rochester – student safety is something I value and we need to make sure students feel safe in their local communities.

Big Wins

  • Finished employability survey with 650+ responses.
  • Canterbury got the highest turnout in the By-Elections.
  • Drag Event successful in Canterbury 40/50 people attended.
  • Made impact at the Arts meet up – been asked to host the next Meet up.
  • Icons is a continuing success.
  • 39/100 days of successfully being vegan for green Impact.

Annual Leave

Not Stated

Sick Days