Ongoing Campaigns


Employ-ability; We finally have a report from the University about the review of their services. The report seemed vague with a few ideas thrown around. However, the University mention partnerships with the SU in a few different areas due to our unique focus on student Leadership.

Such as:

Act as an incubator for employment through the variety of roles

Collaboration with Careers and Employment Services

potential for the SU to support the visibility of Careers and Employment Services


Management for catering are happy to look into options and have taken a keen interest in my #100DaysOfVeganism and the amount I was spending weekly to afford to eat in the canteens. We are still in talks around Catering and waiting for invites for the meetings where catering is discussed – I continue to push with little response.

Safe Taxi Scheme

Working with Andy we figured a way to make this work where the student card would be taken from the student and delivered to the SU by the Taxi firm. We approached LSS to see if they would support this and if students approached the LSS for new Student cards having a system where they could check if said student had accessed the scheme and if so, not issue a new card but send them to the SU to pay their debt. They refused due to the new safeguarding scheme stating that all students must now wear ID badges at all times. Andy is now taking this to relevant boards and asking if the University will support this scheme – We are aiming for this to be rolled out in September.

Save Canterbury Hospital

Since January I have gathered 6% of data from students in Canterbury starting at the reunion fair. Two thirds of our data shows that our students register locally and the other third with a high majority saying they are registered back home – the data doesn’t go into details around commuter students either. I feel our students were pushed enough by LSS and registry that I wanted to use the campaign as a way to raise awareness. I was invited to a fringe event at NUS to discuss my NHS campaign this year.

Fair assessment

Phill and I sat down the other week using the data gathered and created a presentation that we will be taking forward to the university in the coming weeks. I have approached other universities such as goldsmiths who are also doing work in this field to ask about their findings – they’re in the middle of gathering data but are happy to share it with us once they are finished.

Sanitary products

I’m currently gathering evidence of other universities that offer these products. So far, I am only able to find Unions that offer this service – We do not have the funding or the time to man these services. I believe that as a union we should rally the university to offer these services so we do not become a service provider. The LSS in Canterbury and Rochester are starting work on this scheme too – they approached me and will start collecting sanitary products by donations and approaching companies that other universities have had success with for free sanitary products.

Big Wins

  • Re-Elected for a second year.
  • Asked to sit on a panel at NUS Conference
  • Ran successful housemate speed-dating event
  • Continued success with Icons and new drag night in Canterbury
  • Representative on BoG
  • Waiting for confirmation on Student representation in Medway
  • Possibly Chairing a sub-Committee for this group around inductions and tutoring

New Skills

Annual Leave

11 remaining

Annual Leave Dates

Mar 29th

Sick Days


Missed Meetings

Architecture SBoS – Snow/Off
Canterbury COG – Cancelled meeting
AQC – Attended briefing but was unable to attend due to another meeting.


ReUnion Fairs


Small and Specialist meet up

Housemate Speed dating event

Governors away day

Attempting to get Student representation on Council boards (Rochester).

Reviewing student Charter (with Phill)

Student Success Committee (Possibly Chairing a sub-Committee for this group around inductions and tutoring)

Attended Fringe event at NUS around NHS cuts and how I ran a campaign about this.