Ongoing Campaigns

Healthier Catering

After meeting with Catering and discussing my #100DaysOfVeganism with them, they were very interested in how I achieved it and how financially viable Vegan food is in our Canteens. Value for money is a big topic that has been mentioned across the university but Catering are now looking at ways they can reduce waste or even produce none, as well as producing a menu that now not only caters for Vegans/Vegetarians but also Gluten Free and any other Dietary requirements(These discussions are beginning to happen)

Safe Taxi Scheme

The university are very keen for this to happen, they like the idea and we are trying to figure out a way the university can support us with this. Sadly we have ran into some issues along the way that we are trying to iron out. I will continue to push the University to make the scheme happen and it has been agreed that if it is to be trialled it will be trialled in Rochester. The scheme would have restrictions ‐such as only being able to be dropped off in certain places – such as University, Hospital, Police station, Accommodation and Residential areas. This is to allow the university to be happy and to support us with the scheme. Now working with Andy to see if we can get this running at least in Rochester by the new Academic year.

Save Canterbury Hospital

So far I have started gathering research to take forward and to understand if our students’ are registering with local GP’s or just using ones when they go home. The research so far, doesn’t account for students’ who live in the local area and commute however a majority are currently saying they are registered with local GP’s. If this is the case – this is information I will take forward to the council.

More social activities

I meet with Hadley regularly to discuss events. Most of the time for Events around the Kent Campuses – we talk about how to make event’s better and more successful and we are fully aware that events need to be advertised sooner and create event’s for them on Facebook – we will continue to do this. Icons continues to develop as well as events in Kent.

Housemate Speed dating

The SU endorse Homestamp – a company based in Canterbury that help students’ find accommodation and act like a safety blanket for students’ by only advertising accredited landlords and doing regular checks. Working with them and the LSS we wish to put on an event where students’ can meet one another with the final aim of finding housemates to move in together in the coming year. The event ended up with a small but engaged turn out. we are scheduling another meeting to discuss how to improve the event for next year.

Fair Assessment – (Adopted)

Working on this with Jamie and Taylor to figure out our next moves

Sanitary products – (Adopted)

Looking at ways we can make this sustainable and approaching the university.

Big Wins

  • ReUnion fairs successful.
  • Catering agreed to make sandwiches fresh rather than buy in – this makes more dietary options and versatility for students’. University are Keen to get the Safe
  • Taxi Scheme up and running.
  • Successful events in Kent.
  • Homestamp happy with the progress on the Housemate speed dating and can’t wait to work with our students more.
  • Now sit on the BOG (Board of Govs)
  • Leadership team happy with progress and standard of Sabbs
  • Meetings to happen with Medway council.

New Skills

Events Organising/Running

Annual Leave

20 remaining

Annual Leave Dates

Sick Days

Missed Meetings


Attended Campus exe training delievered by Phill.
Attended Small and Specialist meet up in London.
Started talking about Residential.
Meeting with the Assistant VC to talk about the direction of Kent
Regular meetings with LSS Canterbury and opertunities to discuss topics with students in a public forum