Ongoing Campaigns


Due to Holidays and General business, I have been able to schedule a meeting with Catering on the 6th of March.

Safe Taxi Scheme

Andy and I are looking into options – we we’re hoping to start work on this soon but until we can find a way to make the scheme happen without taking a lose – sadly no progress can be made on taking it further. I continue my work on finding a way to make this scheme achievable without the possible risk of losing money within the union.

Housemate speed dating

Arranging a debrief meeting with Homestamp and University staff to discuss how we felt the event went.

Safety (Roch)

The union met with the local council, now working with Taylor – they believe there is room for us to get involved with relevant committees and will hopefully be in touch with the Union soon.

Save Canterbury Hospital

So far, we have gathered around 5% of student Data for this, the majority saying they are registered locally (canterbury) so, no further action needed although I may continue with the other Unions in Canterbury to gather registration Data.

Fair assessment

Working with Jamie to feed into a report that is being written, this is currently in the reviewing stage to see what else may need to feed into the report. Sanitary products; Currently researching what is available at other unions – working with the University to hopefully offer free or Cheaper Sanitary products on campus.

Big Wins

  • Met with Medway council – progress on getting the Union involved in Council committees BOG Away day successful
  • BOG Induction Successful
  • Volunteered to chair a meeting about Tutoring.
  • Attended the first Student success committee
  • Met with CCCU Union president to discuss research around GP Registration.

New Skills

Events Organising/Running

Annual Leave

12 remaining

Annual Leave Dates

12th Feb (Half Day), 13th Feb, 14th Feb, 26th Feb(Half Day), 28th Feb, 1st Mar, 2nd Mar.

Sick Days

Missed Meetings

Architecture SBoS – Snow/Off
Canterbury COG – Cancelled meeting
AQC – Attended briefing but was unable to attend due to another meeting.


Regular meetings with my Mentor. Attended Open Day.