Ongoing Campaigns

As much as we’ve done as much as we can with this. I think now is a great time to be working with the departments to heighten their image in the university. I have suggested after a meeting with Careers support in Canterbury that maybe they hold a careers forum to find out further what students are after for a 6 weeks program they wish to run. Jamie and I are going to work on something we can show the departments about the research we gathered.

Catering issues
After the forums and gathering all the feedback for all the campuses around catering issues, I have a meeting with Catering next week. I have chased them to let me know when the SU will be invited to this committee about catering we were told we’d be included on.

Safety campaign
Started discussions with the leadership team about rolling this scheme out across ALL four of the campuses. More to develop on this hopefully. I feel there is still a huge issue with Safety concerns at Rochester, At the reunion fair – I plan to gather evidence.

Collaborative Art project
I’m not too sure what is going on with this, it is arranged and organised by another university who are yet to give me a price to tell me how much we are expected to invest in this to make it achievable for students to use. I’m starting to consider other options.

Save Canterbury Hospital
I’ve had very little contact with other presidents in Canterbury, but after attending meetings with KCC (Kent City Council) about the lack of funding – I plan to do research at the ReUnion fair about how many of our students are registered to local GP’s. I plan to reach out to other Presidents after I have my research.

Working with Homestamp, LSS and Accommodation to run a housing fair in the new year. The idea is to get students aware of what Homestamp do for students and make them access safe landlords as well as find new housemates.

Big Wins

  • Started Conversations with Head of FE about safeguarding policy rather than Prevent.
  • Successfully planned S.H.A.G Week across all four campuses. – huge success!
  • Trustee board away day was a huge success and helped with personal development.
  • After the forums, Leadership team are considering creative cloud for students.

New Skills

  • Planning to tight deadlines (S.H.A.G Week)
  • Writing papers for Committees
  • Taking a HR Approach with staff.

Meetings Missed


Annual Leave

20/25 remaining

Sick Days