The Executive Committee comprises 11 elected officers – two from each of the four campuses, the Students’ Union President, Vice-President Kent, and Vice-President Surrey. They are responsible for the direction of the Union through the execution of policy, promotion of student rights, and the development of projects and campaigns to represent all members of the students’ union.

Executive Officers feed back to the Union on a variety of student concerns by overseeing campus forums which are open to all students to attend. These forums discuss student life, courses, and how your time at UCA can be improved. As well as forums, Executives work closely with clubs, societies, and liberation groups to bring communities together.



Callum Mitchell
President Surrey


Katie Taylor
President Kent


Clayton De Haan
HE Place


Madaline Adbrook
FE Place


Imogen Stratton
Open Place


Camelia Burn
School Rep – Communications Design


Priscilla Cailleau
School Rep – Epsom Business School


Pip Harris
HE Place


Nelly Luckett
Open Place


Megan Tanner
School Rep – Film Media & Performing Arts


Leslie Campbell
School Rep – Fashion


Lou Hardy
HE Place


Andrew Pantlin
Open Place


A member of the Executive Committee can submit a motion for the group to vote on. A motion is normally written by describing a current situation, and a proposal for how the students’ union should change it. Motions can be amended to remove or add details, and then the committee will vote to ‘pass’ or ‘fall’. The union will then make that change or implement the motion into policy.

Members of the committee can vote for or against the motion, or abstain from voting – meaning they neither supports or oppose the proposal. To pass, a motion must receive the support of over 50% of the commitee (with 11 people on the committee, a motion must receive six votes to pass).

Awaiting details of motions and outcomes.

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Below you can download minutes from the most recent meetings of the Executive Committee

Executive Committee Minutes – 10-01-18

Executive Committee Minutes – 14-02-18

Executive Committee Minutes – 09-03-18

Executive Committee Minutes – 11-04-18

Executive Committee Minutes – 16-05-18

Executive Committee Minutes – 05-12-18

Emergency Executive Committee Minutes – 18-04-19


To view older minutes, please visit the Archive