This page is for UCA staff and academics who work with Course Reps. It is designed to provide you with the resources you need to use your Course Reps effectively.

Academic Guide to Course Reps

Feedback Flowchart

Using the Feedback flowchart cna provide course reps with an understanding of the process and journey their feedback has undertaken. It is also a way to meet a compromise when issues can’t necessarily be resolved quickly or easily.

You can download and print copies of this flowchart to fill out and go through with your course reps.



Voting Slips

These can be used in your class elections. Students are more likely to engage with course reps if they are elected rather than chosen. This is because they are viewed as more credible and more likely to be taken seriously by staff.


“You said… we did…”

This is a simple way to show your students the positive changes you have made to their course. You can download a “you said… we did…” poster or use some of the examples below.

“You said you didn’t want the studios shutting at 5pm, we extended opening hours until 8pm”Need more


Case Studies

We would love to hear from you! If you have any examples of things you have successfully achieved or done with your course reps feel free to submit them below: