Welcome to UCASU! Below you will find all onboarding processes and information to get you started working at the Union, and most importantly – getting paid.


There are a few things you need to do to get started as a Staff Member at UCASU:

  1. FORMS: complete the New Starter Form. This sends your information to payroll.
  2. RIGHT TO WORK: you can prove your right to work in one of two ways:
    1. Pop in to your Student Union with your passport for the Union Team to view, take a copy and sign off, this is a government requirement.
    2. Using the Governments ‘Right to Work’ system: you can create a code and share that with the Finance Team who can check your Right to Work digitally.
  3. LOGINS: you will be provided with logins to some systems/apps to get you started:
    • Xero Me: this will have your payslips, and key information. You can also enter your timesheets here. Once we have your payroll information you will receive an invite for the portal and you can download the app.


Once you have been enrolled your line manager will complete the Rota for you. This lays out your hours and days working. You must then complete your timesheet via the Xero Me app (you can enter it in draft format anytime during the month), and then submit at month-end.

The Union pays on 15th of the month so as long as your submit your hours by 5th of the month, you will be paid in that pay run (for example January hours submitted by 5th February will be paid on 15th February).


I don’t have a National Insurance Number, what do I do? 

The lack of an NI number will not prevent you from being paid. We will need you to complete the rest of your personal details accurately as HMRC will use these to confirm the NI number with us. When we include an employee on our submission to HMRC without an NI number completed this will automatically start the HMRC process for NI number verification. Once they confirm the identity of the employee they will send a NINO verification message to us. We will, however, need proof of your right to work as a priority in this situation.

Do I need my physical passport, can I not just send a copy?

By law, the Union has to physically see your passport to verify that we have seen it. So you need to bring in the original to the office and one of the team will make a copy and then verify the copy by writing “ORIGINAL SEEN” with their name, date and signature. This copy then gets scanned in, sent to Finance and saved in your employee file.