Saying Goodbye to LGBTQ+ History Month

, February 28, 2019

Well it’s the end of LGBTQ+ History Month, but just because it’s the end of the month doesn’t mean we should take down our flags and banners for another year. Instead we should carry on educating, we should hold the hands of those brave enough to carry on fighting when life has knocked them down, […]

Executive Committee Minutes Archive

, January 14, 2019

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Archive of minute taken at Executive Committee meetings. Exec Minutes- 14.10.15 Exec Minutes – 27.11.15 Exec Minutes – 20.1.16 Exec Minutes – 16.3.16 Exec Minutes – 29.3.16 Emergency Meeting  

VP Kent February 2018 Report

, April 20, 2018

VICE-PRESIDENT KENT, FEBRUARY 2018 REPORT Ongoing Campaigns Catering Due to Holidays and General business, I have been able to schedule a meeting with Catering on the 6th of March. Safe Taxi Scheme Andy and I are looking into options – we we’re hoping to start work on this soon but until we can find a […]

VP Kent January 2018 Report

, April 20, 2018

VICE-PRESIDENT KENT, JANUARY 2018 REPORT Ongoing Campaigns Healthier Catering After meeting with Catering and discussing my #100DaysOfVeganism with them, they were very interested in how I achieved it and how financially viable Vegan food is in our Canteens. Value for money is a big topic that has been mentioned across the university but Catering are […]

Annual General Meeting

, November 22, 2013

Annual General Meeting The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is where the important legal bits happen – it’s your opportunity to get an inside look into how the union runs and where we spend money. You get to be part of vital decisions about the union’s inner workings, and have your say at the highest level. […]