Saying Goodbye to LGBTQ+ History Month

, February 28, 2019

Well it’s the end of LGBTQ+ History Month, but just because it’s the end of the month doesn’t mean we should take down our flags and banners for another year. Instead we should carry on educating, we should hold the hands of those brave enough to carry on fighting when life has knocked them down, […]


, February 14, 2019

Hey you! Missed me? Well it’s been a month and we are at my favourite month of the year- LGBTQ+ History Month! This gives me the amazing reason (and excuse) to dedicate this month’s blogpost to this wonderful topic. I’m going to use this platform to introduce you to one of the sides of the […]


, October 3, 2018

So this year we’re launching the Bi-Weekly Wednesday wins! We think it is your right to know about what we’re doing with our time, So thanks for choosing to read my Wednesday Wins.   It’s been a hectic time here in the Students’ Union! Freshers! You were amazing! I don’t know about you but I’m […]

VP Kent March 2018 Report

, April 20, 2018

VICE-PRESIDENT KENT, MARCH 2018 REPORT Ongoing Campaigns Progress Employ-ability; We finally have a report from the University about the review of their services. The report seemed vague with a few ideas thrown around. However, the University mention partnerships with the SU in a few different areas due to our unique focus on student Leadership. Such […]

VP Kent February 2018 Report

, April 20, 2018

VICE-PRESIDENT KENT, FEBRUARY 2018 REPORT Ongoing Campaigns Catering Due to Holidays and General business, I have been able to schedule a meeting with Catering on the 6th of March. Safe Taxi Scheme Andy and I are looking into options – we we’re hoping to start work on this soon but until we can find a […]

VP Kent January 2018 Report

, April 20, 2018

VICE-PRESIDENT KENT, JANUARY 2018 REPORT Ongoing Campaigns Healthier Catering After meeting with Catering and discussing my #100DaysOfVeganism with them, they were very interested in how I achieved it and how financially viable Vegan food is in our Canteens. Value for money is a big topic that has been mentioned across the university but Catering are […]


, February 20, 2017

What is the referendum? The current Campus Presidents have proposed that instead of electing four Presidents each year, we should elect one President and two Vice Presidents (one covering Kent and one covering Surrey). What is a President? A President is an elected position that exists to represent UCA students. You can run to be […]


, February 7, 2017

As we’re coming up to a referendum about the Campus President structure, students have asked us what exactly the Campus Presidents do now. Here’s a rundown from each of the current Presidents about what a day in their work life might look like. Becky, Farnham Campus President Get into the office, straight away check and […]