LGBT+ History Month

, February 1, 2018

Today marks the beginning of LGBT+ History Month. The first LGBT History Month in the US in October 1994. LGBT History Month UK was initiated by Schools OUT, who have been fighting for LGBT+ equality in education for 32 years, in February 2005. Both were based on the creation of the highly successful Black History […]

Transgender and Non-Binary Students Policy

, April 7, 2016

Transgender and Non-Binary Students Valid from: 16 May 2018 Reviewal date: 16 May 2021   The Union Notes: That transgender and non-binary students are disadvantaged and marginalised within society and the University for the Creative Arts, facing issues such as; harassment, misgendering, lack of access to adequate healthcare, lack of access to appropriate toilets, poorer […]

No Platform Policy

, April 7, 2016

No Platform Policy Valid from: 10 January 2018 Reviewal date: 10 January 2021 The Union notes: That racism and fascism are still rife in all aspects of society and should be confronted wherever uncovered. That students and Students’ Unions have a long proud record of achievement in the fight against racism and fascism. That the Union itself […]

ASM Motion 4: No Platform for Fascism and Racism at UCA

, February 2, 2015

ALL STUDENT MEETING MOTION 4: NO PLATFORM FOR FACISM AND RACISM AT UCA Proposer: Lucy Davis Seconder: The Executive Committee   This Union Notes: That NUS have a ‘No Platform’ Policy which states that no “individuals or members of organisations or groups identified by the Democratic Procedures Committee as holding racist or fascist views” may […]