Events Policies and Procedures

The University for the Creative Arts Students’ Union



I.D. must be presented on entry to Students’ Union events.

UCA student cards are a valid form of I.D. confirming membership to the Union. Proof of age will be required in the form of a valid driving license, passport, pass card or government-issued photographic identification.

On entry patrons will be given a wristband or a stamp to validate they have paid entry to the venue. This is to ensure those who have paid can re-enter the building if for any reason we have had to evacuate and it is safe to return.

There is no exit and re-entry to events under any other circumstances.

Payment of entry to the venue signifies agreement to and acceptance of the following:

  • We reserve the right to refuse admission.
  • Guests whose behavior is deemed offensive by the venue staff will be ejected without
  • On entry patronsmay be subject to
    • Any persons found in possession of weapons of any description will be refused entry, items seized and/or
    • Any persons found in possession of illegal substances will be refused entry, ejected from the premises, and/or barred and may be reported to the
    • No glass bottles or personal alcohol is permitted in the venue. Any attempt to to bring such items into the venue may result in refused entry and/or
  • Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking area.
  • To respect our neighbours and make as little noise as possible upon leaving the
  • In the event of cancellation of the event, a free pass into any event of the same price will be
  • Any ticketed event – tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Any ticketed event – the venue will not be responsible for lost or stolen tickets.


Students are permitted to invite and sign-in a maximum of two guests per event. Guests are the sole responsibility of the student who signed them in. Should a student’s guest act or behave in a way which attracts disciplinary action, the student will also receive the same disciplinary action, regardless of whether the student participated in the guest’s behaviour or not.

On entry the guest’s I.D. will be photographed with the student’s I.D. card.

These photographs will be kept for one week and then destroyed. If there has been an incident involving the guest, the photograph will be kept until an investigation has been completed. All details of the incident will be noted until the incident is dealt with.

Search and Entry Refusal

The Students’ Union reserves the right to ask security staff to search, and refuse entry to any persons attempting to gain access to the premises.

If a person has a valid ticket for an event and refuses a search by security staff or is refused entry, their admission fee will be refunded.


Capacity & Queue Management


The capacity will not exceed the number stated on the premises licence.

A minimum of 2 SIA-badged security staff should be present each night with paid admission. Each member of security staff on duty accounts to no more than 99 persons in the venue. If capacity nears 500 there must be 6 security staff on duty.

It is advisable that the Students’ Union will cap entry at 500 students (or the capacity as set out in the premises licence, or whichever is lower) as to not go over capacity when taking into account staff, security and performers.

** In light of a change in the building and new fire exit doors, the buildings capacity will no longer exceed 600 persons. Ticket sales to any event will not exceed 550**

Queue Management

The entrance to the Venue is at the front of the building and will be set up using barriers to avoid bunching and pushing in.

During some larger events and one-off events such as those put on during Freshers Week, a ‘guest list’ or ‘wristband’ queue may be set up separately from the main queue not only to ensure guaranteed entry for those who have paid in advance, but to make the process more efficient and more manageable.

The queue is managed by the door staff and Venue Manager. Any disorder or unacceptable behavior is dealt with by either of these parties and may well affect entry into the venue that evening.




The cloak room opens at the beginning of club nights and stays open to accept items until one hour before closing. It is continually staffed for those collecting coats until all the patrons have left the building.

Every item is given a ticket and a corresponding ticket is given to the patron. It is the patron’s responsibility to look after this ticket once it is in their possession. The Students’ Union accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss or cost incurred from a ticket being lost by the patron.

No property will be returned during an event without a ticket. In the instance of a ticket being lost by the patron, the property may be reclaimed at the manger’s discretion or at the end of the night when all other property has been collected. The guest must be able to give an accurate description of the item(s) or offer a convincing demonstration of ownership.


It is recommended that no valuables be left in the cloak room. All wallets, jewellery, watches, keys and glasses should be kept on your person. Staff will never look through property unless it is to prove ownership. Expensive property such as cameras should be kept with the guest. The Students’ Union accepts no liability whatsoever in the event of any damage or loss of such items.

Damage and Loss

The Venue will not accept any liability for any items lost or damaged after they have been handed into the cloak room. All Staff take great care when handling property to ensure that damage and loss does not occur. In the event of damage or loss the Students’ Union is not liable whatsoever and will not pay compensation or replace the item. Any property lost or damaged that has not been handed into the cloak room is the individual’s responsibility and the Venue is not liable whatsoever for any loss or damage that occurs from the property not being handed in.


Lost Property Procedure

Lost Property Procedure

When lost property is found:

  1. Items must be locked in the bar office and the details of the items recorded by senior staff on site.
  2. Items of value should be locked in a safe in the bar or Students’ Union office and reported in the lost property
  3. The item has to be tagged with the
  4. The item will be taken to UCA reception within three working days.
  5. If an item found is considered to be of great value the Venue Manager should be made aware.

Reclaiming lost property:

  1. The student must be able to give a brief description of the item, when and where they lost it.
  2. Refer to the lost property book in the SU
  3. If the item is in the book the item can be retrieved from the box
  4. If the item is not in the book they should be directed to campus reception lost


Major Incident Procedure

Major Incident Procedure

Due to the nature of the Students’ Union being located on the University for the Creative Arts campus we integrate into the University’s own incident plan.

In the event of a major incident we would notify the University, typically via University Security or the incident response matrix. It is possible that a major incident within the Students’ Union is also deemed a major incident for the entire University.

On nights where security is present – the Venue Manager and the head of the security team will work alongside each other to ensure all incidents are dealt with effectively.

All paperwork completed with regards to an incident is to be signed off by the Venue Manager before the end of the shift. Any emails sent to the University or Local Police will also sent by the Venue Manager. A copy will also be sent to the Chief Executive of the Students’ Union.

University caretakers are on duty for call outs.

On Site Security: 07770 923138

Duty Caretaker: 07798 503258

Duty Manager: 07770 923139

Contact desired person in accordance with the incident respond matrix.

 Report incidents into the University online system –

  • Loss of utilities – power, water or heating
  • Loss of integrity – flood, structural failure, fire
  • Human condition – security incident such as criminal investigation, terrorism threat,

Guidance in the event of an incident

Preservation of people is a priority.

  • Assess the situation – what can you see, hear?
  • Call a first aider – or ask someone nearby to do so
  • Emergency Services – dial 999, agree a meeting point
  • Evacuate – hit a fire call point to sound the fire alarm
  • Escalate – inform a Senior Manager or contact the Leadership Team directly


Fire Evacuation

Fire Evacuation

University for the Creative Arts and UCA Students’ Union makes use of a Guardian fire protection system. If a fire is detected, this system will shut off the audio feed to the speakers, and broadcast emergency instructions. If you hear this warning, you should evacuate the building from the nearest safe exit. Directions to exits are shown by illuminated signs inside the building.

If you have access needs that prevent you from leaving the building, you should stay where you are and await rescue by the fire service. Under no circumstances should anyone use a lift.

Union Staff

Stop all service to customers immediately, even if in mid transaction, close the till drawers and inform patrons and other staff of the evacuation. Secure all stock and leave the premises without attempting to collect personal belongings.

Do not wait and usher others out inform people of the evacuation as you are also leaving the building.

Staff meeting point will be at the back of the venue by the metal gates of the bin store if safe.

Venue Manager and Security

At the sound of the alarm the venue manager and security will assess the building and guide people out to the nearest fire exits.

Ensure all house lights are on.

Keep Students/Guests informed if the situation. The meeting point will be at the back of the Quad area.

The Venue Manager will alert campus security and the duty caretaker if there is no visible fire. If there is a visible fire 999 will be called. If the fire is a small and localised, it will be tackled by the Venue manager or a member of security.

Liaise with campus security and caretaker about re-opening if it is a false alarm.


In the event of a fire alarm the following procedures should be followed:

If back stage-

  • At the sound of the fire alarm, leave all of your belongings behind and make your way to the nearest

If on stage-

  • At the sound of the fire alarm a red light will flash on the left wall of the dance
  • You must stop playing music if it does not cut out
  • You may be asked to make an announcement using the microphone along the lines of “the fire alarm has been activated please evacuate the building”
  • Leave the stage via the steps stage left and out of the fire escape

Meeting point will be at the back of the venue by the metal gates of the bin store accompanied by venue staff.


Search Procedure

Search Procedure

The students’ Union employs a random search policy upon entry to the premises. Patrons may also be searched if management suspect them of having illegal substances on them.


  1. The patron must be asked if it is okay for them to be searched. If they refuse, they will be removed from the
  2. Searching should only be carried out by SIA registered members of
  3. Searches must never be carried out on a one on one basis; at least two members of staff should be present at all times. Body cam should be activated where available and appropriate.
  4. The person in question MUST agree to being searched before a search is instigated.
  5. The customer being searched should be made aware that the police or campus security may be called if they do not co-operate
  6. Patrons should only be searched by a SIA registered staff member of the same gender. Where a patron does not identify with the male or female gender, they may state the gender of the person they wish to search them.
  7. If members of staff are searched, this will be carried out as discretely as possible and in private away from patrons. If they are found to have banned items or substances on them, they will be subject to disciplinary action.

Searches will be carried out at the entrance to the venue. If it is a busy night and the search will disrupt people entering the venue the patron will be escorted to an appropriate area.


Drugs Procedure

Drugs Procedure

University for the Creative Arts has a zero tolerance policy on drug use.

If a patron is suspected of possessing or is found in possession of a banned substance the following procedure should be followed:

 The Venue Manager and the security staff should be alerted immediately.

Once in the company of the security staff, the patron’s details should be taken, an incident form to be filled in and their ID photographed. If the patron agrees to be searched, a member of the security staff should search the patron in the presence of at least one other member of staff. If they refuse to be searched this should be noted on the incident form.

If the patron is found to be in possession of a small amount of banned substance, which the senior staff member believes is for personal use, the substance should be confiscated. The person should then be asked to leave the building. Within the Disciplinary Policy it is advised there will be a ban from events.

If a patron is found to be in possession of a large quantity of banned substance they should be held and the police immediately called.. Within the disciplinary policy it is advised there will be a ban from Students’ Union events.

In all cases the Head of School for the particular course should be notified.

Acts or External Performers

We have a strict zero tolerance drugs policy. If any act or external performer is found to be in possession/using drugs the Venue Manager may make a decision to cancel the show.

If drugs are being supplied to patrons of the students’ union, the Venue Manager may make a decision to cancel the show and notify Surrey Police.

Disposal of Drugs

Consult with local Surrey Police. If small amount, dispose in the drugs bin located at the porters lodge.


Code of Practice for Responsible Drinking

General Principles

UCA Students’ Union will not undertake marketing and promotional activity which is considered to be offensive or demeaning to anybody fitting the Protected Characteristics identified by the Equality Act 2010.

Responsible Drinking

The venue will comply with laws and regulations. All commercial services’ marketing activities will be in-keeping with both the letter and the spirit of all applicable national laws.

Promotion Policy

The venue will ensure that drinks promotions will encourage responsible consumption by those adults who choose to drink and will not support activities which encourage excessive consumption.

All promotional activity will comply with the Portman Group Policy (www.portman- on commercial communications and should therefore avoid:

  • Association with anti-social behavior Purchase or sale to under 18s
  • Appealing particularly to under 18s rather than adults
  • Suggestion of sexual success or prowess Association with illicit drugs
  • Encouragements of illegal, irresponsible or immoderate consumption

Unacceptable Promotional Activity

In addition to activity which is not in line with our General Principles, the following promotional activities are not acceptable;

  • Any promotional activity which implies drinks being ‘downed in one’ or which incentivises speed drinking
  • Promotions that involve drinking games
  • All-inclusive promotions – including large quantities of, or all drinks, in the admission fee
  • Any promotion that involves an initial payment to obtain reduced price alcohol for a sustained
  • Promotional activity which includes cars in any way
  • Links with any tobacco related products in promotions e.g. match boxes, lighters, ashtrays
  • Promotions which refer to the effects of intoxication in any favorable way, g. referring to consuming alcohol to recover from previous over-indulgence, or glamorizing excessive or irresponsible drinking
  • Direct or indirect references to drug culture or illegal Association with violence or anti-social behavior.
  • Activity which presents abstinence in a negative

Sampling activity which offers more that 1.5 units of alcohol per person


Guidelines to Unacceptable Behaviour

Guidelines to Unacceptable Behaviour

The officers and the staff of University for the Creative Arts Students’ Union (UCASU) aim to provide all members of the Union an environment which is safe and tolerant of all other Union members and guests of the Union.

UCASU will not tolerate any discrimination on any grounds, directed at any member or guest of the Students’ Union. Any member or guest found to be guilty of this will face disciplinary action.

Verbal abuse, threats and/or any violence towards other members, guests or members if staff of UCASU is unacceptable and will result in ejection from the building and disciplinary action.

Anyone found vandalising or misusing the premises will be ejected from the building, be charged for any damage caused and face further disciplinary action.

UCASU will not tolerate the use of illegal drugs on the premises. Anyone found in possession or using illegal substances will be ejected and may be handed over to the police in addition to the University being informed and disciplinary action.

Any individual may be asked to leave the Union premises if they are considered, by security or bar staff, to be excessively intoxicated and in danger of harming individual resists leaving and/or violates any of the above guidelines.

If a member of UCASU signs in a guest, then that member is responsible for the actions of that guest and will face any disciplinary action that may occur from the guest violating the above guidelines.

UCASU reserves the right to refuse admittance or eject any person at their discretion and can retain total discretion over what behavior is deemed as unacceptable. Any behavior deemed unacceptable will result in ejection, and may lead to further disciplinary action.

If an individual is ejected from the Union premises they must give up their student card at the time of the alleged incident.

These guidelines are in place to protect members, guests and staff of UCASU and provide a safe and pleasant environment. Remember, the best way to avoid any disciplinary action is to respect others and your Students’ Union. If you have any queries regarding the above please email


Intoxication and Anti-Social Behavior

Intoxication and Anti-Social Behavior

Drunk and disorderly conduct, in any form, will not be tolerated. This includes, for example: violence, racist behaviour, sexist or derogatory behaviour towards any other person or employee, or failure to comply with any reasonable requests from staff.

Any person who is deemed to be drunk or under the influence of drugs will not be served and will be asked to leave or be escorted from the venue by security personnel. Staff will also refuse service to any person who attempts to obtain alcohol for someone who has already been refused service.

Any individual may be asked to leave if they are considered, by security or bar staff, to be excessively intoxicated, in danger of harming themselves or others or not aware of their surroundings. This will not result in disciplinary action unless the individual resists leaving and/or violates any other venue policies.

The list of disciplinary action follows. UCA Students’ Union staff have the discretion to choose the ban based on the interpretation of the seriousness of the incident.

In the case of Intoxication or anti-social behavior by a guest, the inviting student takes on responsibility for their actions. The guest will receive a lifetime ban and the student will incur disciplinary action relevant to the offence committed by their guest.

Misconduct Disciplinary Action
Drunk/Disorderly behaviour From one academic week
Refusal to leave From two academic weeks
Verbal abuse of staff or customers From two to eight academic weeks


From four to eight academic weeks + payment for damage


Sexual harassment

From four academic weeks


From 16 academic weeks

Use of Drugs  From eight academic weeks
Possession of drugs (Personal) From four academic weeks to lifetime with possible police involvement
Possession of drugs (with intent to supply) Lifetime with police involvement
Discrimination (racism, homophobia, sexism, ableism etc) From 16 academic weeks
Threatening behavior or assault From 16 academic weeks with potential police involvement
Threat of/or violent and/ or sexual assault Lifetime with police involvement
Possession of illegal / offensive weapons with intent to harm Lifetime with police involvement


Repeat Offences
1st repeat offence Double original ban
2nd repeat offence Lifetime

The ban length is a guideline only. Bans will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

All disciplinary action will become effective from the point the patron has been notified in writing. UCA Students’ Union cannot be liable for a patron failing to read the notification.

Patrons will have their I.D. photographed and will then be removed from the venue and advised on their standing with the students’ union.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

UCA Students’ Union have a zero tolerance approach to sexual harassment. This means no person should have to accept this behavior.

If you experience this whilst you’re on campus you can report it to any member of UCA staff, UCA Students’ Union staff or Officers, or security. Staff will take your details and the details of the person who is bothering you and they will be removed immediately from the building.

Staff will also tell you how you can follow up on the complaint, should you wish.

The University for the Creative Arts and UCA Students’ Union take complaints of sexual harassment very seriously.


Smoking and E-cigarettes

Smoking and E-Cigarettes

The University is required by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of employees whilst at work. This includes provision of a working environment that is safe and without risk to health.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Venue. Smoking is not permitted next to doorways. There is a designated smoking area at the front of the Venue.

Any breach of this policy will constitute a disciplinary offence. People smoking tobacco products or E-cigarettes in prohibited areas are expected to give a civil and courteous response when asked to extinguish them.

Smoking inside the building may result in the involvement of the police and will be followed with disciplinary action and suspension from Glasshouse.




In the interests of health and safety the Venue operates a strict ‘No Glass’ policy at all its events. As a consequence of this, the only drinking vessels available are plastic glasses, PET bottles and aluminum cans. No bottles or glasses are permitted to be brought into the venue and any attempt to do so may result in refusal of admission


Lighting and Special Effects

Lighting and Special Effects

Guests are advised that strobe lights and smoke are used in the Glasshouse Venue. We may on occasion also utilise other special effects to support our events program.

Should any guest be concerned that this may adversely affect either themselves or their guest, they should make their concerns known to the Students’ Union.


Complaints and Appeals

Complaints and Appeals

Informal feedback on our services are always welcomed and can be addressed to any of our team.

Formal complaints will be accepted from any individual, entity or representative body. All complaints will be handled in the same manner regardless of whom or what is making the complaint. Such complaints will only be accepted in writing either by letter or e-mail. Anonymous complaints will not be accepted. These should be submitted to the Head of Business Development – Andy Squire at Please provide as much detail and evidence as possible.

There is no prescribed format for complaints, the complainant does not have specifically state that they are making a formal complaint.

Complaints will be acknowledged within three working days of receipt. The initial acknowledgement should state:

  1. the expected timescale in which the complaint will be resolved
  2. the name of who will be dealing with complaint and how to contact

In instances where by an individual has received a ban in accordance with UCA Students’ Union, but wishes to appeal the decision made, they may contact the Chair of the Trustee Board.


General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

BRINGING GUESTS TO EVENTS: UCA students are able to bring a maximum of two guests to any event. Guests will need to arrive with the student to the event and bring their own photo ID as proof of age.

IDENTIFICATION: Students must bring their UCA ID Card to every event they wish to attend for identification purposes. For non-UCA patrons, photo ID will be required (e.g. passport, driving licence, proof of age card).

AGE RESTRICTION: All events are restricted to AGE 18+. All attendees and guests are required to provide proof of age if asked by the door staff, and you can be refused entry if you are unable to do this. Please note that any UCA student who forgets their university card will not be able to enter by quoting their student number unless they can also produce proof of age.

ENTRY RESTRICTIONS: All events are open to UCA students/staff and Guests only, unless specifically verified by the Venue Manager.

ADMISSION: Doors will close for entry one hour before the end of the event. For ticketed events, such as Summer Ball, Halloween Ball and Freshers Ball, there is NO ENTRY without a valid ticket.

RE-ADMISSION: Re-admission is NOT allowed once you have attended an event, unless specifically approved by the manager on duty.

RIGHT OF ADMISSION: Refusal of right of admission is reserved. Please note that you are still subject to the event admission procedures, and can be refused entry if you breach these.

QUEUEING: Every effort will be made to allow priority queuing at all events – however, please note that this cannot be guaranteed. For busy or sold out events, it is recommended that you turn up as early as possible to avoid having to queue any longer than it is necessary.



All tickets sold for Students’ Union events are subject to the terms and conditions and to the venue regulations. A breach of any of these conditions may render your ticket invalid.

All sales are final, and refunds are not available on tickets once they have been purchased (including duplicates or purchases made in error or non-attendance due to illness or injury). Please note that this is standard practice at every entertainments venue in the UK.

However, there are certain instances in which a refund may be given:

  • The entire event has been cancelled by the SU. In this instance, refunds are available to everyone who has purchased a ticket in advance, at face value. Any booking fees or associated extras should be sought from the point of purchase. Please note that relocation of the event to a different venue will not qualify unless the capacity of the new venue is less than the number of ticket
  • The event has been stopped whilst in progress due to circumstances beyond our control which may be deemed as too unsafe to continue. In this instance, a decision will be made by management as to whether refunds will be offered to those with tickets. However, refunds will only be given in special circumstances and as approved by
  • The event has sold out, and there are people waiting for extra tickets. In this instance refunds may be given, and the tickets then resold to people on the waiting list, once the re-sale cash has been received in



For events with tickets such as the Summer Ball, Halloween Ball or Freshers Ball, it is the responsibility of the individual purchaser to keep their ticket safe once it has been purchased.

Please note that replacement tickets will not be issued in the event of their loss or damage, and will need to be repurchased. It is advised that you write your name and student number on the back of your ticket so that it can be returned if handed in.