Open is our brand-spanking-new series of events designed to help you make the most from your time at university.

This isn’t your standard programme of big nights out, these events are about making friends, learning new stuff, and feeling good. What’s more, they’re free or very cheap to take part in. We know you have a busy life, so Open events are run during the day or early evening. If there’s something you’d like to experience (or an event you’d like to run), get in touch!

Key: Farnham | Epsom | Rochester | Canterbury

november 2018

14nov13:0017:00Games Afternoon with the Games Society @UCA RochesterFREE

14nov14:0015:00Swimmability @ UCA Farnham50p

14nov14:00Pound Fitness Session @UCA RochesterFREE

14nov16:0017:00Kickboxing @UCA EpsomFREE

14nov17:0018:30Intro to Polish @ UCA FarnhamFREE

15nov07:0008:00We Are Yogaful @ UCA Canterbury

15nov13:1514:15Basketball @ UCA Canterbury

15nov17:0019:00'The Design Process' with the Graphic Design Society @ UCA FarnhamFREE

15nov17:0018:00Badminton @UCA EpsomFREE

15nov18:1519:30Intro to Polish @UCA EpsomFREE

16nov13:1514:15Indoor Football @ UCA Canterbury

17nov13:0018:00Farnham Christmas Light Switch On @UCA FarnhamFREE

18nov09:0013:00Farmers Market @ UCA RochesterFREE

19nov13:1514:15Indoor Football @ UCA Canterbury

19nov17:0019:00Community Judo @ UCA Canterbury

20nov13:1514:15Basketball @ UCA Canterbury

20nov17:00Make your own bullet Journal @UCA EpsomFREE

20nov17:0016:00Community Handball @ UCA Canterbury

20nov18:30Judo @UCA Rochester£2.50

21nov11:4512:45Badminton @ UCA Canterbury

21nov12:0013:00Self Practice Yoga @ UCA Canterbury

21nov13:0017:00Games Afternoon with the Games Society @UCA RochesterFREE

21nov14:0016:00Badminton @UCA RochesterFREE

21nov14:0015:00Intro to Russian @UCA FarnhamFREE

21nov14:0015:00Swimmability @ UCA Farnham50p

21nov17:0018:30Intro to Polish @UCA RochesterFREE

22nov07:0008:00We Are Yogaful @ UCA Canterbury

22nov13:1514:15Basketball @ UCA Canterbury

22nov14:00Tea Room @UCA EpsomFREE

23nov13:1514:15Indoor Football @ UCA Canterbury

23nov18:00Christian Union Choir Concert @UCA Epsom

23nov19:0020:00Badminton @UCA FarnhamFREE

25nov10:0013:30Farmers Market @UCA FarnhamFREE

26nov13:1514:15Indoor Football @ UCA Canterbury

26nov17:0019:00Community Judo @ UCA Canterbury

27nov13:1514:15Basketball @ UCA Canterbury

27nov17:0016:00Community Handball @ UCA Canterbury

28nov11:4512:45Badminton @ UCA Canterbury

28nov12:0013:00Self Practice Yoga @ UCA Canterbury

28nov13:0017:00Games Afternoon with the Games Society @UCA RochesterFREE

28nov14:0015:00Swimmability @ UCA Farnham50p

28nov14:00Make your own bullet journal @UCA FarnhamFREE

28nov15:00Tea Room @UCA FarnhamFREE

29nov07:0008:00We Are Yogaful @ UCA Canterbury

29nov13:1514:15Basketball @ UCA Canterbury

30nov13:1514:15Indoor Football @ UCA Canterbury

december 2018

03dec13:1514:15Indoor Football @ UCA Canterbury

03dec17:0019:00Community Judo @ UCA Canterbury

04dec13:1514:15Basketball @ UCA Canterbury

04dec17:0016:00Community Handball @ UCA Canterbury

05dec11:4512:45Badminton @ UCA Canterbury

05dec12:0013:00Self Practice Yoga @ UCA Canterbury

06dec07:0008:00We Are Yogaful @ UCA Canterbury

06dec13:1514:15Basketball @ UCA Canterbury

07dec13:1514:15Indoor Football @ UCA Canterbury

10dec13:1514:15Indoor Football @ UCA Canterbury

11dec13:1514:15Basketball @ UCA Canterbury

13dec13:1514:15Basketball @ UCA Canterbury

14dec13:1514:15Indoor Football @ UCA Canterbury


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