Open is our brand-spanking-new series of events designed to help you make the most from your time at university.

This isn’t your standard programme of big nights out, these events are about making friends, learning new stuff, and feeling good. What’s more, they’re free or very cheap to take part in. We know you have a busy life, so Open events are run during the day or early evening. If there’s something you’d like to experience (or an event you’d like to run), get in touch!

Key: Farnham | Epsom | Rochester | Canterbury

january 2019

16jan14:0015:30Trans and Trans Ally Society

17jan11:0014:00Re-Freshers Fair

17jan17:00Fencing Taster Session

18jan17:0018:30AfroVogue Dance Club

21jan13:1514:15Indoor Football

21jan17:0019:00Community Judo

21jan17:0018:30Fencing Club

21jan17:0020:00Anime and Manga Society

21jan17:3019:00Christian Union

21jan17:3019:00Soulflow Society

21jan17:3019:00Street Dance Club

21jan18:0020:30Men's Football Club

21jan18:0020:00Netball Club

21jan18:0019:00Boxing Club

21jan19:0021:00Basketball Club



22jan14:0015:30Contemporary Dance

22jan17:0018:30Japanese Society

22jan17:0019:00Table Tennis Club

22jan17:0018:00Yoga Club

22jan17:0018:00Community Handball

22jan17:3019:00Street Dance

22jan17:3019:00K-Pop Dance Club

22jan17:3019:30Ballroom & Latin Dance Club

22jan18:0019:30Tagged Rugby Club

22jan18:0019:30Netball Club

22jan18:0019:30Basketball Club

22jan18:1519:45Commercial Jazz Dance

23jan12:0013:00Self Practice Yoga

23jan13:0017:00Games Society

23jan14:0016:30Film Society

23jan14:0016:00Craft Society

23jan14:0015:00African Caribbean Society

23jan15:0017:00Musical Theatre Society

23jan16:0017:00Kickboxing Club

23jan17:0019:30International Film Society

23jan17:0018:30Singing Society

23jan17:1518:30Martial Arts Club (Kickboxing)

23jan17:3018:00Film Society

23jan18:0020:00Meme Society

23jan18:0020:00Self Defence Session

23jan18:0019:15Volleyball Club

23jan18:3020:00Martial Arts Club (Aikido)

23jan19:1520:30Netball Club

24jan07:0008:00We are Yogaful


24jan17:0019:30Christian Union

24jan17:0019:00Graphic Design Society

24jan17:0020:00Anime and Manga Society

24jan17:0020:00Pole Fitness Club

24jan17:0018:00Street Dance

24jan17:0018:00Yoga Club

24jan17:0018:00Yoga Club Taster Session

24jan17:1520:00Life Drawing Society

24jan17:3019:00LGBTQ+ Society


24jan19:1520:30Men's Rugby Club

25jan12:3013:15Singing Society

25jan13:1514:15Indoor Football

25jan17:0019:00Christian Union

25jan17:0018:30Photographic Society

25jan17:0018:30AfroVogue Dance Club

25jan17:3019:00Cheerleading Club

25jan19:0020:00Contemporary & Modern Dance Club

27jan14:0016:00Women's Football Club

27jan14:0016:00Women's Football Club

28jan13:1514:15Indoor Football

28jan17:0019:00Community Judo

28jan17:0020:00Anime and Manga Society

28jan17:0018:30Fencing Club

28jan17:3019:00Soulflow Society

28jan17:3019:00Street Dance Club

28jan17:3019:00Christian Union

28jan18:0020:30Men's Football Club

28jan18:0020:00Netball Club

28jan19:0021:00Basketball Club

28jan19:0020:00Boxing Club



29jan17:0019:00Table Tennis Club

29jan17:0018:00Yoga Club

29jan17:0018:30Japanese Society

29jan17:0018:00Community Handball

29jan17:3019:30Ballroom & Latin Dance Club

29jan17:3019:00Street Dance

29jan18:0019:30Netball Club

29jan18:0019:30Basketball Club

29jan18:0019:30Tagged Rugby Club

29jan18:1519:45Commercial Jazz Dance

30jan12:0013:00Self Practice Yoga

30jan13:0017:00Games Society

30jan14:0016:00Craft Society

30jan14:0016:30Film Society

30jan14:0015:00African Caribbean Society

30jan14:0015:30Trans and Trans Ally Society

30jan14:0015:30Contemporary Dance

30jan15:0017:00Musical Theatre Society

30jan16:0017:00Kickboxing Club

30jan17:0019:30Christian Union

30jan17:0019:30International Film Society

30jan17:0018:30Singing Society

30jan17:1518:30Martial Arts Club (Kickboxing)

30jan17:3019:00K-Pop Dance Club

30jan17:3018:00Film Society

30jan18:0019:15Volleyball Club

30jan18:0020:00Meme Society

30jan18:3020:00Martial Arts Club (Aikido)

30jan19:1520:30Netball Club

31jan07:0008:00We are Yogaful


31jan17:0020:00Anime and Manga Society

31jan17:0018:00Yoga Club Taster Session

31jan17:0020:00Pole Fitness Club

31jan17:0019:00Graphic Design Society

31jan17:0018:00Yoga Club

31jan17:1520:00Life Drawing Society

31jan19:1520:30Men's Rugby Club


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