Exhibiting Black UCA Artists

Over the month, we will be taking submissions from black artists at UCA, and exhibiting their work on campus (where possible) and on our website.

This exhibition aims to promote greater understanding and the work of current and graduated Black students from UCA. The exhibition celebrates and supports the work of Black students, and will feature work in any medium. The exhibition is designed to challenge and enrich all who attend asking important questions about the future.

UCA has a broad range of courses, including fine art, fashion, film, graphic design, architecture and more. Our aim is to represent the widest possible range of media in order to give a snapshot of the bread range of practices that Black artists are engaged in today.

Photo Gallery

Video Gallery



Social Media/Website Links

Ashanti Farquhar – Instagram @ashantiarttt
Arome Ofesi – Instagram @arometherapy.art
Chiamaka Nwoye – Instagram @blandoranges
Deise Carvalho –  deiselorena.squarespace.com/ | Instagram @belladidirena
Kaitlan Bachan – Instagram @k.m.bachan
Leondres Benissan –
Lewis Pye – Instagram @lewis.pye2001
Maybelle Peters – maybellepeters.co.uk
Natalia Joseph –
Nicole Williams – Instagram @N_visualss
Reagan Farrington – Instagram @oglygirl | @reikuchan
Rebekah Robinson – YouTube: StudioDoubleR | Instagram @howimliving.sdr
Shaïny Vilo – shainyvilo.com | Instagram @dodgylight | Twitter dodgylight/
Shanice Petilaire – shanicepetilaire.myportfolio.com
Simone Ziel –
Tobi Bankole – Instagram @tobibankoleart