Research and Education (Galleries, Creative Education)

Summary of Business Case: Research and Education (Galleries, Creative Education)

1. Overview


  • Overall reduction in headcount of staff by up to 2 FTE to achieve target savings
  • Disestablishment of current Cultural Programme Curator posts
  • Establishment of fractional assistant curator roles in each region (Kent and Surrey), with curatorial programmes led on a rolling annual basis by academic staff released from teaching duties on a secondment basis.
  • Proposed model delivers savings of £46k

Creative Education

  • Overall reduction in programmes to solely PGCert Creative Education
  • Disestablishment of Graduate Certificate in Creative Arts Education and MA Creative Education programmes
  • SSR increased from 18:1 to 25:1
  • Current 1.4 FTE to be reduced to 1.00 FTE
  • Total of £24k savings with new structure

2. Number of posts disestablished


2 posts are disestablished (1 of which is currently vacant)

Creative Education

1 post to be disestablished

3. List of newly established posts


1 x Assistant Curator (Kent) G7 0.5FTE

1 x Assistant Curator (Surrey) G7 0.5FTE

Creative Education



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