Higher Education

Summary of Business Case: Higher Education

Key principles

  • Redefining course management according to ‘Programmes’ – defined as a cluster of awards or courses that are connected through shared pedagogy, curriculum and learning experiences. Programmes will usually operate at a scale of 200-400 students.
  • Programmes will be led by a Grade 10 Programme Director. The role of Course Leader will be disestablished.
  • Job descriptions will be amended to make clear the leadership and management responsibilities of the Grade 10 Programme Director and Grade 8/9 Lecturer/Senior Lecturer ensuring strong distributed leadership among teams.
  • UG and PG Staff Student Ratios (SSR) will be maintained at 25:1 and the PGT SSR will increase from 18:1 to 25:1. This is to reflect growing PGT cohorts that can operate at this slightly increased scale/efficiency. (FE SSR will be 30:1)
  • Sessional staffing ratios will be reset at 70:30 (ie 30% of teaching hours to be delivered by sessional staff) to retain externality, currency, efficiency and support for talent pipeline into teaching.
  • Grade 8 sessional role will be disestablished. This was agreed as part of the Framework Agreement and is being phased via turnover. This proposal will see all remaining grade 8 sessional posts disestablished.
  • 20% of the sessional budget will be delivered at grade 6, using a Teaching Assistant job description. The Teaching Assistant has been tested by Schools during 2018/19 and has been positively received providing course teams with the ability to tailor costs more accurately to the work required and to support new entrants into teaching careers.


  • 33 Course Leader posts will be disestablished
  • 25 Programme Leader posts will be established

Annual review of staffing budgets in light of student numbers will continue on a business as usual basis.

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