Further Education

Summary of Business Case: Further Education

1. Overview

  • From 1 August 2019 Further Education academic staff contracts will be amended to increase annual delivery hours from 550 to 700 pro rata.
  • Further Education academic staff contracts will be updated to reflect delivery hours, main duties, special duties and selection matrix.
  • Sessional staffing will be standardised across campuses.


2. Impact

  • All academic FE staff have a change of contact hours and clarification of Job description.
  • At Canterbury there will be an overall reduction of 0.2 FTE
  • At Epsom there will be an overall reduction of 0.9 FTE
  • At Farnham there will be an overall reduction of 1.3 FTE
  • At Rochester there is no change in FTE
  • School establishment / sessionals ratio will be standardised at approximately 70/30. (Rochester’s Establishment/Sessional staff ratio is higher as it delivers additional specialist Extended Diplomas and has the highest proportion of students under 18; a third of enrolments.


3. Key Benefits

  • Long term sustainability for the School of Further Education.
  • Security for staff working within the school.
  • Sustainability of delivery of Further Education programmes of study.
  • Staff contracts match the delivery model.
  • School of Further Education provides a surplus to the University.
  • Excellent terms and conditions for academic staff.
  • Clarification of Job Descriptions so staff clearly understand their roles and responsibility.
  • Clarification of year structure so staff are able to clearly identify admin, holiday, and scholarly activity allocation.
  • Clear, transparent year structure ensuring equity and consistency between campuses.
  • Agreed remission for Course Leaders.
  • Year planner that identifies School Away Days for briefings, CPD and sharing of best practice.

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