Tasmin Brindley Manifesto


Hey lovelies,

My name’s Tasmin, I’m 21 and a third year student on the Creative Arts for Theatre and Film course at UCA Rochester. I’m the Founder and Chair of the Pole Fitness Society and I’m currently one of the Student Experience Officers at Rochester UCA.

I’m a very sociable person, I love to meet new people and have very little to no filter; this can be hilarious and also very awkward, so I do apologise if you’ve ever heard me come out with something a little weird or bazaar, I do try to engage my brain before I talk but sometimes that doesn’t always happen! I love to socialise, working out and play a variety of different games; from a long 3 hour session of Binding of Isaac, to an intense game of Jenga.

From being a UCA student I am well aware of the many changes that need addressing within the university and as a Student Experience Officer I have already been trying to tackle some of them already. The key issues I want to tackle within our university are:

  • Communication
  • The Canteen
  • Socialising and Social Areas
  • The Library

In between trying to get my degree I attend student council meetings to voice the concerns and problems of my fellow students; I have sometimes found these meetings difficult as I have so many things I want to change, yet still feel like I have very-little-to-no power of trying to make these changes and have been in the past, met with excuse after excuse of why the university are unwilling to accept there are problems that need addressing. This is what has made me determined to become the Campus Officer as I not only know many of the problems within the university, but I also have some ideas of how we could tackle them.

I feel like throughout my experience at UCA I have been told to just accept that this is how our university is and that not a lot can be done to change it. I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS. I will be the first to admit that not every demand will be able to met, but we could start on the right foot by accepting that there are problems that exist within our university and to focus on the most prominent ones first. If students know that there is someone ready to listen and is willing to fight their corner when voicing the student’s concerns to higher ups, then students are more likely to want to be involved in the Student Union.

My Achievements at UCA

  • Founded and Chaired the Pole Fitness Society (PFS) – Two Years
  • Attended First Aid training and Clubs & Societies training to make the PFS safer and better
  • Became a Student Experience Officer to make essential changes for us
  • Taken time to find out the problems students have and how they want them to be changed
  • Pushed for essential things my peers have requested during student council meetings – free hot water, extended opening hours in the library, etc
  • Attended meetings and pushed for more vegan and vegetarian options in the canteen and more control given to students with dietary requirements


I’m not going to lie to you and say that I can definitely make all these changes, however I am very determined and will do everything I can to make an improvement in these areas. There are so many changes that I want to make to UCA Rochester that I’m not even sure a year is enough time to do them all, but I’m definitely going to give it my best shot!

I have split everything I want to change so far into sections so you can specifically see what I want to change and a bit more information about it than is on the poster.

Socialising and Social Areas

  • Common Room – area that is comfortable where you can eat, relax, socialise with your friends and get to know more people from other courses and year groups
  • Events and Nights Out – organising events throughout the year and making sure they’re tailored to you
  • Events Team – a team of you guys who want to help plan events/nights out specifically where you want to go; this has been suggested before but I want to make it happen!
  • Regular Ball – black tie event(s) at the end of term where students can get dolled up to the nines and party!
  • Clubs and Societies – I’m happy to help you and Vanessa (our Clubs & Societies Coordinator) to create a club/society which you and other students can enjoy; and also assist in maintaining this by supporting your club/society, example: help fundraising and promoting
  • Interaction Across Campuses – make it possible for you to travel to events/nights out on our sister campuses and to connect similar clubs/societies
  • End of Year Showcase for Clubs and Societies – a showcase including all clubs and societies across all campuses where members of the clubs/societies have their moment of glory to gain awards and show off what they’ve learnt. This is an idea proposed by Vanessa which I fully support and want to make happen

The Canteen

  • Microwave – heat up food without having to waste money in the canteen!
  • Price – lower the cost of food to make it student friendly and affordable for you
  • No extra charge for substituting part of a meal – example: if you want beans instead of side salad, you should have this at no extra cost
  • Meal Deal – a deal every day that includes a meal & drink at the very least
  • Quality – tastier food for the price we pay
  • Healthy Options – Less food smothered in unhealthy sauces (especially on the salad bar!) and cooking with less/alternative oils for healthier food
  • Dietary Options – More than one vegan option every day and trying to cater for more dietary and religious requirements


  • Improve Communication – break down the barrier between staff and you by being the link you need
  • Making the Student Union transparent – any information we know, you should know too!
  • Speaking to you – find out your problems and make it my priority to find a solution
  • Involve you in decisions – get your opinion BEFORE changes happen

The Library

  • Extend Opening Hours – these are crucial leading up to deadlines; trials have occurred but I want more regular extended opening hours, targeted at when you need them!
  • Printing Prices – lower the cost of printing per sheet of paper


  • Cash Machine – stops you keep having to travel up and down the hill to access your money
  • Extended Studio Hours – these are crucial leading up to deadlines as some work just can’t be done at home
  • Higher Security – more cameras, ID swipe systems, etc, to make students feel safer and their belongings better protected. I’m aware lower third has had issues with theft so I’d really like to address this and make sure there are less chances of this happening and less chance of someone getting away with this
  • Zandra Rhodes – every course allowed to showcase their work and it rotated more frequently
  • Grants and Scholarships – promoted more prominently
  • In Design, CAD and other Specific Promgrams – these need to be on most/all computers in the library, as they are currently only on certain computers where the computer rooms are often booked for classes
  • Opt Out of Students Surveys – we should be able to opt out of surveys as they often fill up our inbox and can hide important emails from tutors and peers
  • Membership with Local Gym(s) – UCA needs to establish a student membership/discount with local gyms, like Anytime Fitness

Team Tasmin Transforming Together

“One shall stand, one shall fall” – Optimus Prime, Transformers