Open Place:

Riley Clowes

Hi I’m Riley Clowes, I’m Currently your Vice-President Kent at UCASU! I want to apply for this position because I feel I would be amazing for the role of NUS Delegate, I have been at UCA for 7 years, Starting on a Pre-Degree course before going on to get a BA in Fine Art which then led me to be your Current Vice-President Kent. #7ReasonsFor7Years

Womens Place:

Marta Szurmiej

Vote for me to represent YOU at the NUS National Conference

As a student at UCA, a course rep, an intern, a bar maid and President I met lots of students and was able to listen to their views, I gathered enough knowledge to be able to represent students and pitch their views to the National Union of Students.

I believe that we all deserve to be treated the same. Education should be free and accessible. Students shouldn’t feel worse than other students because they’re less privileged.
NUS is the place where we can start to make the difference.
By voting for me, you’re voting for an all-inclusive, liberated and equalitarian NUS that can make an impact nationally. Don’t let the wrong people make decisions for you, vote for someone you trust and who has your best interest at heart.  #Marta4NUSDelegate


Sophie Holden

I want to be NUS Delegate as I feel I have the right attributes to contribute towards this role. I have been an advocate for UCA for the past 3 years, in 2016 I was Campus Executive at Epsom. I also set up the Cheerleading Club in Epsom and Farnham, which has gotten Club of the Year twice in a row. Thank you for the opportunity.


Imogen Stratton

I’d like to apply for this position as I really want to get more involved with not only UCASU but also in having a say in issues that I feel are important for myself and my peers. I feel like this will be a great opportunity to do so and also will be great preparation in running for higher positions in the next year.


Simone Ziel

Last year, I was elected as NUS Delegate and I was able to experience NUS conference for the first time, which was amazing. I’d love to represent UCA students at conference again, making sure our voice is heard as a small and specialist union and connecting students with what is going on in the student movement, as NUS is more than a discount card.


NUS Delegate