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Canterbury: HE Position

No Candidates


Canterbury: FE Position

No Candidates


Epsom: HE Position

No Candidates


Epsom: FE Position

No Candidates


Farnham: HE Position

Amy Kemp-Jones

I would like to apply for this position as i am dedicated to listening and helping the student body.
I believe diversity and accessibility are worth fighting for. I am passionate about helping people to reaching their potential within their learning at uca.


Chloë Clarke

I’d like to apply for this position as I would like to have an impact on the decision making within the Student union and Student life! Investigating and changing policies when need. I wish to help make the University the best place it can be for all students of all backgrounds.


Farnham: FE Position

No Candidates


Rochester: HE Position

Nelly Luckett

Having been one of the campus execs last year, I feel that my experience and understanding of the role would allow me to continue improving campus experience. I also have pre-existing relationships with key staff which would allow me to continue to build upon the work we completed last year. I would love to be able to continue in the role.

Rochester: FE Position

No Candidates