Trustee Board

The Trustee board is legally responsible for all the strategy and big decisions made by the University for Creative Arts Students’ Union.

It is tasked with moving the Union forward, while ensuring the Union operates within the law and does not take unreasonable risks.

There are eleven trustees in total on the board – two external trustees, five student trustees and the four Campus Officers.

Student Trustee

As Student Trustee, you will:

  • Make sure that the students’ union is being run properly;
  • Decide how the Union’s time and money is spent;
  • Hold a role equivalent to a university or school governor;
  • Make sure that students are being heard at the highest level of the union;
  • Represent students at the highest committee in the union;
  • Attend four meetings a year; and
  • Commit to around one hour of work a week.

The Benefits

  • Gain valuable experience;
  • Develop interpersonal skills; and
  • Improve confidence speaking about complicated topics.

*One position is reserved for Post Graduate students.