Presidents (Kent and Surrey)


Term: 15th June 2019 – 15th June 2020

Salary: £18,023 per year

Job Overview: You represent students within the university and the community, campaign on student issues, and work on projects that will improve students’ lives at UCA. Collaborating with part-time representatives like the Campus Executive Officers, Liberation Leaders and Academic Reps, and with the support of UCASU’s eight full-time staff, you’ll be vital to the success of the Students’ Union’s strategy, and the development of our future plans, all to do bigger and better things for UCA students.


Reports to: Each other, the Board of Trustees, and most importantly to UCA students. As elected officers, you don’t have a line manager in the way that most employees do. You are held accountable by UCASU’s Board of Trustees and by UCA students. This isn’t as scary as it sounds! By working with your fellow President and supporting one another, you will be able to achieve great things for students, which is really what we’re all working for.

Responsibilities and Duties:

Developing and leading on projects that you believe will positively affect students’ experiences at UCA – you decide these projects when you write your campaign manifesto during elections!
Creating or taking part in campaigns, based on student feedback about the issues they care about

Gathering and acting on student feedback by leading our regular Student Forums and having proactive conversations with students on the campuses you are responsible for

Supporting liberation groups by listening to and working with Liberation Leaders

Participating in Campus Executive Committee with Campus Executive Officers, where you present motions about student issues and discuss the progress of each other’s work

Representing students on committees within the university and locally – this might mean sitting on the Board of Governors, or attending a meeting with the local council

Why should I run for President?

As a President, your role is unique – very few roles out there will offer you such a wide range of professional experiences, all while working on projects that you yourself get to come up with when you write your manifesto. Your passions combined with your experiences as a UCA student can empower you to achieve great things for the next generation of students. To give you an idea of what we can achieve, here are some of the successes our current and past Presidents have earned:

2017-19 Vice-President Kent, Riley, lobbied and worked with Medway Council until they agreed to build a new, safer path for students across the field next to Rochester campus.

2018-19 Vice-President Surrey, Simone, has collaborated with academic staff over two years to make UCA’s curriculums more diverse and inclusive.

2018-19 President, Marta, has collected book donations to start up book swaps on campus, to encourage more creativity and collaboration.

2017-18 Vice-President Surrey, Phill, produced a guide for students on how to be an ally to marginalised groups, that was distributed across the university.

2016-17 Farnham President, Becky, created a campaign that included posters and badges to raise awareness of invisible disabilities on campus.


As a President, you gain a full year of experience working for a charity, making positive change for students like yourself. In one year you will be part of a Board of Trustees, represent students on a variety of committees, lead dynamic campaigns, support exciting events and activities on campus, learn to write reports and policies, attend conferences, create relationships with students and staff, receive extensive training on politics, finance, project management and much more.

Whatever you believe could make life at UCA better for students, you have the chance to make reality by running to be President Kent or President Surrey for 2019/2020.


Am I eligible?

To be one of UCASU’s next Presidents, you have to be a current UCA student (and UCASU member, which you automatically become when you register as a student). You need to have ideas about what you would change about the campus or academic experience at UCA. If you write a manifesto that resonates with students and campaign enthusiastically, you’re already on track to be elected one of the next Presidents.

If you are a Canterbury or Rochester student you can run for the role of President Kent only, and if you are a Farnham or Epsom student you can run for the role of President Surrey only. This means you are primarily accountable only to the students from your county, but will still work on all-campus issues from time to time. Votes are cast by students from all campuses for both roles, not just the students from your county.