Eleanor Luckett

Student Governor Candidate


Hi there! My name’s Nelly and I’m a second year student on the Computer Animation Arts course at Rochester. I’ve now been at UCA for 4 years. I studied on the extended diploma at Canterbury, and then moved here to Rochester.

I have also been a course rep for those 4 years, an ambassador for 3 years, the Disabled liberation group leader at Rochester for 2 years and I am also currently one of the campus executives for Rochester, as well as being on the Student Union Board of Trustees. I believe that this has given me a unique overview of how the university works in general, as well as being able to identify some of the key issues within the university.

Following my interaction with different groups within the community, I have realised that there is a large group within the university who’s voices are currently not being given the reception they deserve within the university management. This is something I’m determined to rectify. I want to ensure that the university is a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of their backgrounds.

I also want to encourage the university to focus on building a community within UCA; across course, campus and level. Collaboration and mutual creativity is something that makes UCA truly special. We need to encourage and build this into a diverse network which will enhance opportunity and experiences for students and graduates alike. After all, in creative industries its not what you know, but who you know.

My last main goal is to encourage the management team within the university to make the running of the school more transparent in terms of how the finances work, how courses and grading work. Just generally demystify the processes within the university. I also intend to work with the university to focus on making decisions based more around student welfare and experience, as well as their other considerations.

I hope this all makes sense. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or come and find me around campus.



What are you doing for BAME students?

If elected, I would focus on bringing the liberation groups together as a key source of information to aid the governors in their decision making process. This would of course include BAME, as well as LGBTQ+, and disability. We are a creative establishment and I truly want to create an equal opportunity for everyone regardless of their background.


How are you going to help promote employability and post-university success?

I am currently working with the Rochester head of campus to get digital notice boards put on every floor by the lifts in order to improve communication. If elected, I would intend to spread this across all campuses, establishing a system where students can easily submit noticed to be displayed, increasing engagement. This should make events far more successful, communication easier, and should grow our community within UCA. I would ensure that these digital notice boards are out in key areas on each campus, using consultations with students and staff on each campus.
I am also currently working to try and get a monthly news letter to be available. This would contain what the university is currently up to, exhibitions, talks and events (SU, student run and LSS). This would also give people an opportunity to learn more about their peers and again improve the community.
This term I have also been working on setting up a Chat and Chill on Thursdays with Chris Carr from the SU. This has been immensely successful so far and this is something I would like to become a part of UCA life. One lunchtime every week or fortnight, where students and staff from all areas can come together, socialise and relax. This is also an amazing space to gain feedback in, get advice and meet new friends. Ultimately if elected, I would ask the board of governors to help fund this and facilitate it in terms of rooms and general arrangements.
Overall, I think UCA needs to become more like one giant community, breaking down the walls of campus or course and enjoy the range of people and talent we have. This can only be done by increasing the feeling of UCA as a community.