Amy Kemp-Jones

Student Governor Candidate


My name is Amy, I’m a 2nd year acting and performance student. I’m the Welfare Assistant for the Students’ Union. You should vote for me for Student Governor as I am passionate about equality and how everyone should have their say. If you elect me, I will make sure you as students are more aware of the changes being made and how your voice is being heard.


I would be an ideal candidate for student governor as I have already made significant changes to the university’s disability awareness and inclusivity on campus.

As an Acting and Performance student I am connected to many different types of people on campus and therefore I will take many varied opinions to the meetings allowing everyone opinions to be fairly represented.

I am a very conscientious person and am genuinely passionate about making a change in university life.

My aims are to :

-Improve equality for disabled students

-improve Students feedback process across uca to have a clearer student voice across the campus’

-improve the Equality for disabled students especially those with invisible disabilities and long-standing medical conditions.

It is vital that the students have a clearer understanding of how the university is improving and how the feedback gathered is used to create a better environment for student learning.

If elected as student governor I will make sure honesty is at the heart of my duties, making sure the aims above are achieved so we can grow as a creative community.


What are you doing for BAME students?

I would like to encourage bame students to speak up, knowing that their voices and opinions would be heard. I would also like to encourage BAME Students to teach about their different cultures, and  educate us as a student body.

If I am voted student governor I want my focus to be on BAME and mental health. 

To many BAME students it feels like they can’t talk about it. Even though BAME students are generally considered more high risk of developing a mental illness. 


Lastly I would like to focus more on Black history month ,and other festivals and traditions there is so much we can learn as a society by being taught, shown or just simply by listening.


How are you going to help promote employability and post-university success?

How would you improve the visibility of the Union (day-to-day activities, as well as events / clubs and societies) to students and university staff?

 I grew up with 40 different nationality’s, and everyday I learnt something new about somewhere else in the world. I want to bring that approach to UCA. I will bring knowledge to the union;

  • knowledge about disability’s and long term health conditions ,
  • knowledge about what it is like to be a student,
  • knowledge about the LGBTQ+ community
  • knowledge about cultures
  • knowledge of  simple things such as what its like for students who has to balance a job and study.

I will bring clear communication between the union and the student body. I want to be able to say to any student

“did you know there was a meeting today with a student representative to represent the student body’s opinions ?”

or “did you feel your voice was heard” and i want the response to be ‘yes’. 


I work hard to provide the best opportunity’s.

Vote for me and your voice will be heard.

Vote for me and I try to improve your experience at UCA

Vote for me and I will find us a voice at UCA.

Vote for me and I will provide.