Jamal St Hill

President Surrey Candidate


My name is Jamal St Hill and I am a third year student at UCA Epsom, studying Music Marketing & Promotion. Last year, as part of my university project, I have organised an event called Urbanite part 1 which was a good hit for students in Epsom. I am now doing a second event called Urbanite part 2 which will feature emerging artists and bringing all creatives together in one hub. I am here to improve the student life and community as we need to have more social and fun activities to encourage networking and interaction. You should vote for me because I am highly passionate about music, social interaction and bringing people together. I aim to create and lead projects that will improve student life besides having an academic life. University is more than just studies, it is an experience. I want to help bring that experience to life.



How would you improve the visibility of the Union (day-to-day activities, as well as events / clubs and societies) to students and university staff?

I would organise a better freshers week and refreshers week events which include packages that would headline artists from London. I would be more interactive with the faculties and students, be around both campuses in both Farnham and Epsom.  In terms of clubs and societies, I would go and speak to people more and be open to suggestions. The student union in Epsom needs to have more interactive activities such as having pool tables, chess, gaming area, comfortable sofa chairs so students can sit down and share ideas, have a cinematic TV, instruments such as a piano and guitar so students can work on their talents and allow students who live in campus to have something productive to do outside of their academic hours.


What are you doing for BAME students?

Like for every society, it’s equal rights and justice. So if we do have a bigger BAME society in Farnham, Epsom and Farnham should link up together and try get feedback so we can build a stronger BAME society. We barely have any BAME students who have ran for presidency, so I would be a good representative to actually do something for BAME students.


How are you going to help promote employability and post-university success?

In order to promote employability, it is important that us students who study different degrees to work together whether it is graphics, fashion and music, film production. Let us start doing projects together and showcase it to the world, all materials sourced by UCA. Build portfolio with each other, put it at the forefront so people can see it, not just from third year but starting in first year. Additionally, it would be helpful to interact and work with more brands and companies so that they are more aware of UCA students and the work that we do. Working with other neighbouring universities and attending seminars will help build more networks and widen contacts in the industry.