Katie Taylor

President Kent Candidate


My name is Katie Taylor and I am studying Fashion Photography at UCA Rochester, I also work as a Student Ambassador for the University and as an Ambassador for KaMCOP (Kent and Medway Outreach Programme) so you might have seen me running around in my dungarees and orange t-shirt!



How would you improve the visibility of the Union (day-to-day activities, as well as events / clubs and societies) to students and university staff?

I will work with the board to:

  • Run a more diverse range of events to encompass the interests and needs of all students
  • Make sure I split my time between working in the office to plan and organise events and coordinate union activities and time walking around the campus engaging with students, attending events, speaking to staff and liaising with partners
  • Start Campus Conversations with flyers up on noticeboards with questions around a certain subject each time relevant to our lives
  • Integrate as part of UCA open days more so new students know about the union straight away, what is does and how it can help you as a student
  • Meet with teaching staff regularly to discuss and coordinate concerns and deal with issues, collaborate on improving teaching, student experience and outcomes


Would you, and how would you make students more engaged in creating a community ? As a small university, the possibility of bringing more courses closer should be more prioritized.

I will work with the board to:

  • Re-establish a university bar on campus as a relaxed social space for students to congregate and socialise with each other
  • Look to establish a student run community garden or greenhouse
  • Set up student run and administered markets every other week on campus where students can apply for stalls and buy and sell goods
  • Create more student community events like coffee and cake mornings, foreign cuisine nights, film nights, book clubs with teaching and support staff also invited to help create bonds between students and staff and develop collective cohesion
  • Develop the university’s student union and student societies
  • Develop the university’s student trips offer
  • Student do good activities like collective litter clean ups, food drives for charities, etc


What are you doing for BAME students?

I will work with the board to:

  • Invite more successful BAME speakers to come in and present to give them more visibility as role models for BAME students at UCA
  • Work with successful BAME leaders in various fields to set up a mentorship programme pairing them with BAME students at UCA
  • Work closely with BAME societies


How are you going to help promote employability and post-university success?

I will work with the board to:

  • Create regular job fairs at the university with employers in the creative arts and other fields invited to come along, set up a stall and speak to students about employment opportunities at their organisation
  • Review how courses are structured to develop more vocational units where students are can pick placement opportunities at employers in the field they are studying in to get exposure to the work environment in that field
  • Get feedback from companies and organisations in the creative arts about how UCA courses could be developed to better prepare students for the transition from university to employment
  • Set up work skills workshops which offer practical advice about cv writing, interview skills, etc
  • Implement life skills workshops and confidence builders