We are delighted to announce the candidates running in the UCASU April 2019 election, together with their manifestos. All of the candidates’ bios and manifestos can be found at the links below. If you are a candidate and wish to look through the Candidate Handbook, click HERE.

Polling stations will be open on campus on Thursday 4 April and Friday 5 April, from 10am-3pm each day. The location of the polling stations are as follows:

Canterbury – RECEPTION
Epsom – BUSINESS SCHOOL FOYER (Thursday 4) & BACKSPACE (Friday 5)
Farnham – CANTEEN 
Rochester – RECEPTION


PRESIDENT KENT Read all President Kent manifestos
Laura Davies Read Bio & Manifesto
Pip Harris Read Bio & Manifesto
Lou McShee Read Bio & Manifesto
Katie Taylor Read Bio & Manifesto
PRESIDENT SURREY Read all President Surrey manifestos
Callum Mitchell Read Bio & Manifesto
Jamal St Hill Read Bio & Manifesto
STUDENT GOVERNOR Read all Student Governor Manifestos
Amy Kemp-Jones Read Bio & Manifesto
Eleanor Luckett Read Bio & Manifesto

More information on the President and Student Governor roles can be found on the following pages:


If you have any questions for the candidates, this is the place to ask them. All questions need to be submitted by Tuesday 2 April by 3pm. These questions will be sent to the candidates, and their responses will be posted on their candidate pages by 5pm, Wednesday 3 April.


If you don’t like any of the options, remember – you can always vote to Re-Open Nominations (RON). If RON wins, we’ll re-run the election process for this position.

How Voting Works

Why do we use STV?

Single Transferable Voting, wastes fewer votes – the person who voted for Tarzan is not ignored because they voted for an unpopular candidate, their second choice decides the election! So basically, STV, gives voters more opportunities to influence the election and let’s them get their second or third preference when they can’t get their first. This means that voters do not have to vote tactically – they can just choose their favourite.