Any current student from any UCA campus can run for Student Trustee. Unlike Student Council and Campus Officer elections where only students from the candidate’s campus can vote, all students are entitled to vote for Student Trustee positions. You can also read more about Student Trustees and what they do.

Student Trustee Candidate candidate: Rachael Fletcher

I’d like to be elected as Student Trustee for many reasons, the most important being that I would like to see change. As an outgoing and friendly member of the student body I speak to many varieties of students on a daily basis and have noticed that wether studying Fine Art or Advertising the common theme in the conversation is that students want to see change at the University. I believe that I would be a good candidate for Student Trustee as I could gather student opinion and relay it to the board in the hope that we could finally make a difference.

Student Trustee Candidate candidate: Annabel Giraud-Telme

Hi my name is Annabel Giraud-Telme and I am in my second year of Fashion Atelier at Rochester. I am nominating myself for the role as Student Trustee Officer. Since coming to UCA a few years for my Access course, I have been actively involved in the university. From running the Yoga Club, to working out as a Student Ambassador on open days and acting as a peer mentor to students at UCA as a Course Representative. Having seen such a vast variety of events at our university, I have seen that with whilst there are a lot of positive aspects, there are also weaker aspects which need to be worked on and I want you to vote for me to help change this.

My friends will tell you that; listening, voicing an opinion/concern and wanting things to be fair are my main attributes, even when it is not always best for me personally. Using these qualities in my role of Student Experience Officer in the past; I have petitioned to get lights onto Jacksons Field after the recent spate of attacks, encouraged students to go to the Student Experience Conference in London and fill out the Internal Student Satisfaction Survey to help make our university a better place as well as continue to rally against government cuts to creative universities like ours.

I want you to take a moment and think; Frustrated with the lack of cleanliness around the uni? Have issues regarding the way something is run? Have you been frustrated with the library closing early?

Twenty nine students rose the library issue as a motion to change to an already frustrated library staff yet due to lack of communication, there was only one person to make an official complaint to the Student Union about the problem. There are three problems here;

1) why three weeks into term, is the library closing early?
2) why has nothing changed?
3) why are students AND staff not being listened to?

The above are the first things that will be brought to the agenda for the next council meeting and if I am elected, I will tirelessly continue to work on motions like these that help UCA (Rochester) become the great place it has the potential to be.

A Student Trustee Officer’s role is to:

• Be ultimately responsible for directing the business of the union across all campuses
• Help the Union with promoting aims of the organisation and its events and activites.
• Liaise with the campus officer to ensure student feedback is carried out where possible.
• Be involved in all areas of the Union
• Assist the campus officer on Raise and Give, Entertainment, Freshers’ Fayres and inductions

If you believe that I do and can live up to these expectations as a Student Trustee Officer, please vote for me to be YOUR representative.

Student Trustee Candidate candidate: Max Spurlock

I’m awesome and you all love me.