Students with Disabilities Officer candidate: Eira Cannon

To make sure that everyone has the same university experience regardless of their disability.

I have worked with children and adults with disabilities before and I feel that I can be a help to the university.

I also want to reach out to the community and make sure that we all have the same entitlements as anybody else in Farnham.

Multicultural Officer candidate: Carolin Wagner

I was born in Austria but moved to London with my parents at the age of 7, where I learnt to speak English. My mum’s love for traveling made me eager to experience it on my own so at the age of 18 I went to Panama for a year with AFS to work with children. This is where I learnt to speak Spanish. My parents and brothers now live in Singapore and the rest of my family live in Austria so I get to travel frequently.

If I was elected, I would be able to incorporate my own experience but also listen and share views of others who have multicultural backgrounds.

Environmental Officer candidate: Jessica Pastor

I am a second year graphic communication student and I am very passionate about getting a message across in any way I can. I am familiar with many areas of the university as I work for the student union and am also a student ambassador. I would like to become an environmental officer because I believe that the university can become more aware of how to make use of what we recycle but also how to make recycling a necessity amongst everyone in the university, not just students. I want to be the voice for those who find it difficult to speak up or just are not sure how to get their message across. I know a lot of students don’t think that one person cannot make a difference to the environment, but I believe that it only takes one person to start.

Environmental Officer candidate: Max Spurlock

To improve the cleanliness and recycling performance of the campus along with placing more ashtrays to reduce the amount of cigarette butts left around the campus.