Scroll through this list to read the manifesto each candidate pledges to fulfil if elected.

Voting is open Thursday 10 October on campus.

Student Experience Officer candidate: Amalie Liv Rosendahl

My name is Amalie, I am a second year graphic design student.

While I believe a very, if not the most important aspect of being a university student is showing up for classes and doing your course work, I also believe it is very important to take advantage of what the campus has to offer outside of class in order to get the most out of our university experience. However, I find that there are more things that the Epsom campus has to offer than most students are aware of.

As a Student Experience Officer, I will attempt to make students more aware of what the campus has to offer, as well as make sure all voices are heard when attempting to better the experience of being a student here at UCA Epsom.