Scroll through this list to read the manifesto each candidate pledges to fulfil if elected.

Voting is open Thursday 10 October on campus.

Student Experience Officer candidate: Melanie Jess

I will work hard to make sure the student experience at UCA will be a good one, I have lots of ideas and am open to listen to new ones so we can work together to improve the university experience as a whole.

Student Experience Officer candidate: Clare Watt

I look forward to helping improve the student experience for all at UCA.

Student Experience Officer candidate: Rob Wicks

As one of the founding members of the Student Events Society, it is my utmost concern that every students time at uca should be an experience.

Environmental Officer candidate: Anna Berkman

If elected as UCA Canterbury’s Environmental Officer I would use university support and objectives to lead our Campus to be more Environmentally aware. I aim to make this change a positive and fun one for you, the students.

As an Architecture student I focus my studies on Sustainable Design and attempt to live an environmentally friendly life style by recycling and cycling and walking to University. Better for the environment and better for your personal health and well-being.

I have worked as a Student Ambassador on the UCA Green Week Campaigns and enjoyed that experience. I hope to be your next Environmental Officer at UCA Canterbury and make this Campus and its students happier, healthier and more environmentally friendly.

It’s always Greener on the other side, but if we work together we can get there!

– Anna Berkman

Mulitcultural Officer candidate: Eliza del Carmen

My name is Eliza del Carmen and I’d like to run for your Multicultural Student officer.

As a TCK (Third Culture Kid) I feel like I share the general feelings and consensus of multicultural students everywhere. I had the privilege of being brought up in a mixed Eastern and Western environment. I’m from this little country in the far east called the Philippines. There, I went to an International School, which gave me access to numerous cultures and ideas. And now, I’m currently in my third year studying Architecture in Canterbury.

There is a lot of things Multicultural Students can offer and I feel the school has yet to tap properly into that resource. We have an opportunity as a school to learn from each other – not just learn from books and shows and heresy of how a particular culture is like – but actually learn with primary resource!

I would like us to celebrate our many cultures as well as each other’s. If I won, I aim to become a bridge between other Multicultural Students, International Students and Local Students. I aspire to create opportunities for us to interact and learn from each other. I intend to demonstrate how even in our differences we are more similar than we originally thought.

Vote Eliza D. C. for Cultural Diversity!

International Students Officer candidate: Emilios Koutsofitides

As a returning UCA Student I can offer background knowledge in the university. I am an international student from Cyprus, who enjoys travelling and have experienced many cultures which would make me good for the role.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT) Officer candidate: Amber Cobb

I’ll be sensitive but strong minded, capable of being there for any type of issue.

Post-Graduate Officer candidate: Aaron Bright

As a new student to UCA I will have an open mind when it comes to representing Post-grads across the board.

Further Education Students Officer candidate: Jack McGoldrick

As a second year FE I will represent the views of the University and course well.

Clubs & Societies Officer candidate: Brendon Treeby

As the other founding member of the Student Events Society I have some great ideas of how we can move the Clubs and Societies forward in the coming years.

Students with Disabilities Officer candidate: Apostolos Tsiaras

I am committed to making sure everyone has equal opportunities at UCA.