Let’s put the student back into Students’ Union.

My name is Joel Goldman, I am a third year Sports Journalism student and I am standing for the position of Campus Officer here in Farnham.

I believe that the opinions of the students and what the students want out of their University is ultimately the most important thing during this three-year journey, after all you are the ones who pay to be here. The most important job for me, if I am elected your campus officer will be to make your voices heard and fight what for you believe in, no matter what. 

I have truly loved my three years here in Farnham and during that time I have been actively involved in all areas of University life. Working behind the bar at Glasshouse and being a member of the student council, I gained a great insight into how the Student’s Union is run.

My strengths 

I believe my strengths will enable me to continue to develop and improve your Union. 

These strengths include: 

  • Commitment 
  • Enthusiasm
  • Strong willed
  • Open minded
  • Sociable

Improving your campus

If elected as campus officer, I will strive to utilise all of my strengths and put them to good use in trying to eradicate any problems, you the students have on campus. I want to improve things that are specifically important to you in your day-to-day University lives. I want to work with the library to improve opening times all year, not just the week before dissertation hand-in. I would also like to make stores accessible to all students, in all years, with no prioritising course or year, you’re all as important as each other. I am also extremely committed to improving every student’s social experience here in Farnham. I firmly believe that social life and nightlife are an imperative part of your University experience, and I will aim to work with Glasshouse in everyway possible to get your voices heard and create a better University social experience for everyone. 

Clubs and Societies

Being elected the Clubs and Societies Officer on the student council this past year and being an active member of the football and rugby clubs during my three years, I fully believe that clubs and societies play a major part in a student’s university life. However, I am worried that many of you do not realise the opportunities that are available on this campus, and I believe the number of students participating in clubs ands societies is clearly not high enough. Each and every student has the ability to create his or her own club or society, with just a little help from somebody like me. Whether your passion is cycling, skiing or even knitting if elected I will help you get started and help reflect your individual needs to higher student bodies and councils.

Why should you vote for me? 

If I am elected my main priority, as mentioned above will be to improve the things that are important to you, that will Impact you in your day-to day lives here in Farnham. Some of the ideas mentioned above are just a start, and I cannot wait to hopefully get started. If you want a campus officer who you can believe in, relate to and most importantly trust, then please do vote for me. I want to make you proud. 

Thank you for reading.





Hey, my name is Cathleen Guiney, I am currently studying Computer Games Arts, I would love to have the opportunity to be a campus officer and be a voice for the students.

Here’s a little bit about me and my experiences as a student in UCA:

Course Rep: This is my third year as Course Rep for Computer Games Arts, I feel that being a course rep for a relatively new course which was bound to have problems makes me more aware of how to handle many course related problems. As a course rep for computer games arts, I was able to put in place extra training for tutors for how to recognise stress and anxiety in students. This was something the student on my course in particular found helpful and necessary and if I were to become Campus Officer I would want to put something like this in place for all the courses including the possibility of mental health awareness talks to help students become more comfortable and feel safer talking about any personal/work related problems they may have. 

As a result of constant contact with the Department head and course director we were able to secure licenses for third years for a site named ‘Digital Tutors’ which has been a huge help in terms of extra tutoring for third years as there was originally nothing like this in place.

Stress and Anxiety: I am a student affected by stress and anxiety, I developed this throughout first year and it reached it’s peak in second year. Although this was originally triggered by a non university related issue I feel my experiences with anxiety and added stresses of university also makes me a good representative for those of you who also feel affected by stress and anxiety whether you feel you have nowhere to turn or are unsure of what you can do to help yourself, as campus officer I would like to be there to help guide students and make them aware of the services they have at their disposal. 


I was able to live in UCA accommodation for my whole three years at university. I feel because of this I have experienced the ‘horrible flatmates’ and also the technical problems that come with university accommodation.

External Experiences:

As a computer games arts student I have been a part of several industry related opportunities. I have been a part of the technical staff for Indie games convention ‘bit of alright’. I make a point of finding out whats happening nearby creativity wise and I feel that I could bring alot more to the university in terms of potential workshops and things for students to take part in to benefit them in their course.

What I plan to do if I become Campus Officer for UCA Farnham?

I want to create a minimal stress environment for the students. What I mean by this is giving the students and Tutors a chance to attend talks about anxiety and stress and techniques that you can use to help ease stress and anxiety in your life and making the services available to the students more accessible. Through talking with other students and through my own personal experiences I have felt that there is an unnecessary stigma attached to admitting you suffer from anxiety whenever it is a very common and normal thing for students to feel affected by. I want to try and normalise the concept of anxiety and raise awareness so everyone can feel comfortable talking about their stresses and worries whether they are university related or personal issues. I also want to help the university create more work placement/volunteer opportunities for the courses that don’t already have this in place i.e. Computer Games Arts students given the chance to work as volunteer workers for a games con vention? (I use my own course as an example as it is what i am more knowledgeable in at the moment)




My name is Jayne Horswill, and I am running to be your Campus Officer.

I graduated as a Journalism student from UCA last year. While I was a student, I was Course Rep for 3 years, and Student Experience Officer for 2. I have been your Campus Officer for a year, and I want to continue this job – I feel there is much more to be done and I believe that I can achieve it.

When I ran for this post last year I spoke a lot both about feedback and the student voice. They were the two fundamental parts of why I nominated myself and they continue to be a big part of why I want to continue being your Campus Officer.

Throughout the last year I have worked to make sure that students feel empowered to say how they feel about their course and university life, as well as have genuine input into how to improve things at UCA.

I want to continue this work, especially within the Course Rep system, to ensure that the power to change rests in the hands of the student, rather than with the university alone.

I strongly believe that feedback matters to students – both in the sense of grades alongside feeding back to UCA about your course. I want to continue the research that I have undertaken throughout the year to ensure that the feedback you receive on your work is consistent and clear, as well as making sure that if you have ideas on how to improve your course, there are channels that you can feed this back to your course team and that you will definitely be heard.

I have worked in the last year to build relationships with UCA and the Students’ Union, which has helped to work towards improving UCA for students. I have begun discussions with the library about extending the opening hours to 10pm and I want to continue that work and to strengthen the relationships on Campus. I do not feel that a fight is always the answer to change, but instead teamwork and respect; I want to continue to encourage this process and make sure we can make decisions that are beneficial for everyone.

I have also begun work with Student Support which I would like to continue: I do not believe that communication to students is effective at UCA, especially when it comes to support and guidance, which for some students is crucial. I want to work with the university on creating a more positive attitude towards support that really helps students in need, and encourages a feeling of safety and community.

I want to ensure that Clubs and Societies flourish more in the future; there are some up and running at UCA now but I don’t think it’s enough; too many barriers are in place to prevent students from creating their own sense of community on campus, and I want to help you use the spaces on campus.

Alongside Clubs and Societies, I think that more events should take place throughout the year. During September & Freshers there began a sense of activity and excitement but I think this wore off too quickly – more events during the day, such as fairs, stalls, sales and activities would help to create more of a sense of interest and excitement.. I want to work with UCA to have as many events like this as possible next year so that no day feels the same as the last.

The most important thing about university is the students UCA would not be here if it was not for you. Therefore I feel that you should have a voice in every decision and argument that affects you, and that your experience is at the forefront of everything that happens here.

Vote Jayne #1 for Campus Officer!

I will work for you, the students, to make sure that more power is in your hands to develop UCA and improve it for years to come.