My name is Esther Anyakwo, I’m a third year Music Journalism student and I am running for the position of Campus Officer.
I believe that it is important to keep a strong-willed female candidate in the position, but an additional injection of diversity is required in the SU, and being of Afro-Caribbean heritage, I can certainly provide that.
Having been a student here for three years, I am more than aware of the lack of – fun (for want of a better word) on and around campus. In order to help combat this, together with a friend, we set up and have been successfully running the UCA Epsom Does Music society, putting on gigs, and Open Mic and Film Nights. Many more societies have also been set up this year, but there is still a way to go in improving the level of ‘fun’, and I hope to work with you to continue progressing Epsom into the creative hive that it should be.

My involvement with the university has meant that I am very aware of areas that require improvement. As my manifesto can only be a page-long, I have categorised where I hope to make a difference under three key ideals:

  • Progress. As mentioned, the sense of community and range of activities outside of uni hours requires vast improvement. Steps have been made this past year, but there’s still more to do. Uni shouldn’t feel like somewhere you can’t wait to escape from, leave that to prison. Seriously though, Epsom can be fun if we make it fun. Whether it’s a long-running club or society you want to set up, a one-night only event, or an afternoon Disney movie marathon, I will endeavour to see it done. Networking is so vital for us creatives, and most acquaintances and friendships you strike up will be at a social event, so why not start now? Having those contacts in place prior to graduating could be invaluable
  • Change. What doesn’t need changing, amirite? What I believe to be a really big issue is that I don’t believe students quite realise what rights they have, what they can request, and what they can accept from the University and its staff. There is nothing you simply have to tolerate, even if it’s something that you may think is small, like you got a C and think you deserve a B – there’s a process whereby you can challenge that and, not only that, but you’re well within your rights to challenge it. Whether it’s one of you or 20 of you, students have the most important voice with regard to the running of the university, and I want to help make students realise and exert their power and influence. It’s your uni after all
  • Hope. As the great Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter once sang, I may be young, but I’m ready. I may only be 21 (if you hear rumours that I am 22, please discredit them; I have since stopped celebrating birthdays), but I have big ideas and a big voice to implement them. Students are effectively my boss. In order to do my job properly, I need you to believe that change can be affected. Many people don’t complain or bring ideas forward because they think what’s the point? But if you think ‘what’s the point?’, how can things ever improve? I want students to be happy and comfortable, and I will do everything in my power to ensure this is always the case

As well as being Vice-Chair of Epsom Does Music, I’m also a Student Warden, Student Ambassador and DLHE Team Leader, so I’m all over the uni, all up in its business. This means that I’ve already formed strong connections with students, academic staff, technicians and librarians, caretakers, and catering staff. I will be able to utilise these associations in my role as Campus Officer to effectively communicate students’ wishes to the appropriate department.
I am approachable, driven, and extremely well organised. Oh, and ever so slightly stubborn; I’m not very good at taking ‘no’ for an answer, but if I receive it – it can happen – I always have a solution.

Vote progress.
Vote change.
Vote hope/Anyakwope.




“How can something be fixed if it is yet to be realised how broken it actually is”

As a current foundation student (and a post pre-u), I and many other students in my position would agree that they feel like they haven’t really learnt that much, even having attended one of the UK’s leading art and design universities for almost 2 years. It certainly wasn’t what i expected, but then is this what we should expect for doing a pre-degree (college) course at a university? Being the over-thinker i am, i couldn’t help but think about how unprepared i’d be once i finally made my way onto a degree, and even thought about paying for classes externally just so i felt like i wasn’t completely wasting the time I had.

Although myself and my piers had surfaced this issue with our tutors on many an occasion, we were told that its “just the way it is” or that “maybe this course just isn’t for you”. I want to be a graphic designer, so why do i feel like I’ve gone back to pre school when i should be being taught how to use sophisticated programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator? I feel like as pre-degree students we are being pushed to the side. I am about to cross over to a degree course at UCA now and yes, i agree that graduates should come first, but the foundation and especially the pre-u courses are broken and yet to be fixed.

So, the first and foremost important aspect of the college which is well over-due for change, and which will be my primary responsibility as Campus Officer, will be to remodel and recondition both pre-degree courses at UCA.

By doing this I hope to:

Introduce a compulsory photoshop training period at the start of each year as well as any other particular program available that a student may wish to learn. This majorly broadens a students ability to produce work and those lucky enough to have these skills prior to the course excelled dramatically compared to the rest. This is based on feedback i gained from my piers as well as successful postgraduates who are deep in the industry and have visited the university to give presentations to forthcoming students.

find a way to remodel the framework so certain subjects can be replaced with more relevant assessment criteria to the student, i.e. students who want to be graphic designers may choose to do a phase 2 in graphic design while others study fashion textiles instead. 

look into the refurbishment of the equipment budget for foundation students. Did u really feel like you got your moneys worth when you payed that £120 stationery fee? I know I didn’t. In fact i haven’t used one single piece of stationery that i didn’t buy myself all year. The main reason being because there isn’t anything in my classroom other than 3 pairs of scissors and some paint pots!

look into our chances of getting a fitness utility built for prospective students (mainly those who live on campus)

Remember, a vote for me is a vote for a better beginning for the innovative future designers of the world.





Hello! My name is Widad Kazma or (Dodi) as most people know me, and I am now running for UCA Epsom Campus Officer.

I finished my Foundation back in 2011 and I am now graduating from Fashion at UCA.


Being involved with the University’s activities and the Students’ Union for almost 4 years now, have been extremely invaluable! They made me realise the potential and opportunities that UCA has, and still needs to address.

Being part of both the Student Council and the Trustee Board at UCASU, I was a Students’ Experience Officer in my first 2 years and the International Students’ Officer now, in my 3rd. I have also been Epsom’s Student Trustee in my 2nd and 3rd year as well as a Course Representative in 1st and 2nd year. I worked with various students and officers around UCA’s campuses as well as other universities across the UK.

I want to work towards building a greater creative community spirit at UCA by encouraging collaborations and better communications amongst the University and students as well as representing a stronger creative and national voice and reputation.


I have really enjoyed and got inspired by meeting and working with other amazing people over the past 4 years and want to share my experiences with you.

Whether it is academic, creative or social, I feel these are some of the key aspects of the students’ experience at UCA before and after graduation. Having more opportunities to practice such aspects within a safe environment at UCA and the Students’ Union during your studies will enhance creativity and starting in industry after graduation.

Also, being a creative student at UCA I feel there needs to be greater opportunities to work with other students from other courses at UCA itself and sometimes other universities. Bringing people together from different backgrounds and places is something I am really passionate about and want to work on, to help bridge the gap between the university and students as well as the industry.


The Students’ Union needs to be a place where you can come speak, meet and network with other people whilst enjoying yourself so I want to run events and activities that will encourage and bring students together.

I want to share my previous experiences with you and by always being there, I want to talk and listen to both students and staff to create a tailored, bridged and collaborative community spirit at UCA.

I also want to enhance, raise awareness and sign post, or support and give advice about several opportunities or difficulties that may arise during your study period at UCA to help you make the most out of your time. These will include; representing your voice more, supporting and encouraging student’s activities, increasing networking and collaboration opportunities and of course most importantly: not forgetting to have time to have fun whilst becoming a creative professional at UCA!

I want the Students’ Union at UCA to be a place that not only just asks and listens to your voice but a place that takes action to make things happen before graduating!

When & where?

10th to 13th March. 10am – 2pm. On campus

Vote Widad (Dodi) Kazma #1, for an ACTIVE and COLLABORATIVE UCA Epsom campus