Hello everyone,

I’m Jasmin Grimshaw 3rd year student of Applied Arts. I’m running for Campus Officer position for the next year. I have been a student at UCA for five years, so I know what is like to be Student at UCA.

My past experiences showed me that many aspects can be improved within Rochester Campus. I believe every student at UCA deserves a safe and trustworthy environment, therefore if you vote for me I will do everything that is in my power to turn these words into reality.

University is a place where you want to feel safe and comfortable. So if you vote for me I will continue the campaign to get lights put on Jackson’s field, which allow students to safely cross the field 24/7.

There is nothing more important than activities at the university which not just allows you to have a great time, but also prepares you for the future. If you vote for me I will do everything I can, to arrange universities collaboration with the local art scene having outside artists showcasing their work at UCA, allowing the students to integrate with the art community outside of the university. It would not just make students feel more involved with an art scene outside the campus, but also would give great experiences for students seeking careers in the art industry.

As being student myself I know how much it is important to have a homely atmosphere around the campus. If you vote for me I will work with the bar staff to make the student bar a place not just for lunch but also where the students feel they can have fun. To make students feel they own the space.

Having fun while at university is a big part of the experience so by giving students the opportunity to socialize with other from the different UCA campuses and other local universities outside of Medway will only enhance their experience at UCA. Also I would like to have an event held during fresher’s week for the LGBT community. So if you vote for me I will talk to local gay bars and clubs to collaborate together.

From my past experiences I know how important it is have someone you can trust and be encouraged by. If you vote for me, my other goal would also be to put in place a buddy scheme for students who may not be that confident to be paired up with a student who provides a friendship and reassurance from a student who has experienced the student life.

If you vote me, I will be accessible to students throughout the day, I would make sure I am integrating with the students during lunch, allowing them to see that I’m there for them whenever they might need me.

I also have been heavily involved in Students’ Union for the past few years so I have experience and deep knowledge of its’ activities and environment. I was elected as environmental officer. I have experience in attending meetings in the build up to the green week event to offer my opinions on what students would like. I have actively helped with campaigning by helping the “White paper campaign “which went to the House of Commons. Also the petition to get lights on Jackson’s Field and promoting events that the SU are putting on. Being Course Rep has allowed me to build strong relationships with the university staff.

Vote for me and I will not let you down. Let’s make our university a better and safer place together. Because you deserve it!



Hi my name is Annabel Giraud-Telme and I am in my first year of Fashion Atelier at Rochester. I am nominating myself to continue my role as Student Experience Officer. Since coming to UCA last year for my Access course, I have been actively involved in the university. From helping out in Fresher’s Fairs as a Student Helper, to working out as a Student Ambassador on open days and acting as a peer mentor to students at UCA as a Course Representative. Having seen such a vast variety of events at our university, I have seen that with whilst there are a lot of positive aspects, there are also weaker aspects which need to be worked on and I want you to vote for me to help change this.

My friends will tell you that; listening, voicing an opinion or concern and wanting things to be correct and fair are my main attributes, even when it is not always best for me personally. Using these qualities in my role of Student Experience Officer so far; I have petitioned to get lights onto Jacksons Field after the recent spate of attacks, encouraged students to go to the Student Experience Conference in London and fill out the Internal Student Satisfaction Survey to help make our university a better place as well as continue to rally against government cuts to creative universities like ours.

I want you to take a moment and think; during university projects how many off cuts of material do you have that end up sitting in your room unused for long periods of time or end up as landfill? Would you donate this unused material to your student union if it meant you could have student night in the bar with cheaper drinks deals and hot food/ comedy/ karaoke night?

At the moment I have a motion in place to get our university to recycle textiles and materials. I find it ridiculous that a creative university does not recycle textiles and various materials such as metals when the vast majority of the universities bins are filled with materials that can be recycled. Not only can these materials be recycled but they can generate money for our Student Union which means more fun student experience’s for all!

This motion is on the agenda for the next council meeting and if I am elected, I will tirelessly continue to work on motions like these that help UCA (Rochester) become the great place it has the potential to be.

A Student Officer’s role is to:

Help the Union with promoting aims of the organisation and its events and activites.
Liaise with the campus officer to ensure student feedback is carried out where possible.
Be involved in all areas of the Union
Assist the campus officer on Raise and Give, Entertainment, Freshers’ Fayres and inductions
Cover all areas that don’t form other officers’ remits.
If you believe that I do and can live up to these expectations as Student Experience Officer, please vote for me to be YOUR representative.



Being a part of the LGBT community, I believe I know how to represent it fairly and honestly. I truly believe I would be well suited for the role of LGBT officer in Rochester as I have past experience in the area and feel confident t hat I can make a positive difference for the student community.



As a disabled student I feel that I would be right for the part as I have more of an understanding and connection with fellow disabled students. I feel it would make it easier for them to come talk to me without a sense of judgment and feel that if I was elected I would have a lot to offer to those who need help and want their voices to be heard.