Scarlett Hooper  Student Governor  59 ELECTED
Re-Open Nominations  Student Governor  11 Disqualified at first round
Eleanor Theaker  Student Trustee  31 ELECTED
Jess Dowson  Student Trustee  28 ELECTED
Re-Open Nominations  Student Trustee  3 Disqualified at first round
Chelsea Hobman Student Experience Officer 106 ELECTED
Snober Khan Student Experience Officer 83 ELECTED
Connor Willis Student Experience Officer 31 Disqualified at first round
Sneha Biyani Student Experience Officer 28 Disqualified at first round
Re-Open Nominations Student Experience Officer 0 Disqualified at first round
Rebecca Dann Students with Disabilities Officer 68 ELECTED
Hayleigh Collier Students with Disabilities Officer 1 Disqualified at first round
Kaileigh Borden Students with Disabilities Officer 1 Disqualified at first round
Re-Open Nominations Students with Disabilities Officer 0 Disqualified at first round
Annie Durwood Womens Officer 33 ELECTED
Re-Open Nominations Womens Officer 3 Disqualified at first round


Who’s RON?

If you don’t like any of the options, remember – you can always vote to Re-Open Nominations (RON).If RON wins, we’ll re-run the election process for this position.

How Voting Works

UCASU runs a system of voting called Single Transferable Vote (STV). So when we come to count the votes, we count how many times each candidate is ranked 1st. To win the vote the candidate will need 50% of the total votes plus 1 vote.

So, I asked all the Union staff and sabs what their favourite 90s Disney film is – there’s fourteen sabs and staff so for Lion King to win, it would need 8 votes (total votes / 2 + 1 = 14/2 + 1 = 8). Here are the results:


Why do we use STV?

Single Transferable Voting, wastes fewer votes – the person who voted for Tarzan is not ignored because they voted for an unpopular candidate, their second choice decides the election!

So basically, STV, gives voters more opportunities to influence the election and let’s them get their second or third preference when they can’t get their first.

This means that voters do not have to vote tactically – they can just choose their favourite.

What to remember before voting?

Read all the manifestos – this will give you a good overview of candidates and their priorities.

You can vote for people on all the campuses

You do not have to rank all candidates, you can just choose your favourite and leave it at that.