REFERENDUM “To support the National ballot to ask NUS to conduct a risk assessment into the impact of an NSS boycott.”
Yes 85
No 18
Abstain 0
Total votes: 


Students have overwhelmingly voted to support the National ballot to ask NUS to conduct a risk assessment into the impact of an NSS boycott. The Students’ Union will now vote YES in the ballot on behalf of all UCA Students



Campus Executive Officer – Rochester Vote count and status

Joseph Cassar

Re-Open Nomination 3
Total votes: 23 Joseph has been duly elected as your Rochester Campus Executive Officer for 2015/16

How Voting Works

UCASU runs a system of voting called Single Transferable Vote (STV). This means voters have more opportunities to make their vote count.We ask voters to rank candidates in order of their preference. The candidate ranked 1st is the voter’s favourite choice.

Let’s imagine I wanted to have an official favourite 90s Disney film for the students’ union office. I ask all the Union staff and sabbs to give their preferences. They would fill in a ballot slip that looks something like this.

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I fill in my ballot slip with Lion King as my first choice (because it’s awesome!)I also put Tarzan is my 5th choice, below Re-Open Nominations. This is because I think there are better 90s Disney Films than Tarzan like for example Pocahontas. So if my first, second and third choice don’t win, my fourth choice is for the whole election to start again and for new candidates to be looked for.

My ballot slip looks like this:

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For one of the films to win, it would need 50% of the total votes plus 1. So total votes here is 14 (all the union staff and officers) which means  14/2 + 1 = 8. So for a film to win it needs 8 votes.

Here are the results:

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As you can see, in the first stage, Lion King has 7 votes in the first round, which isn’t enough to win.What we then do is eliminate the candidate with the lowest votes – in this case, Re-Open Nominations, which has one vote.

We then look at this voter’s ballot paper. They voted for Re-Open Nominations 1st and Lion King 2nd. As the second preference, this vote transfers to the Lion King and the new results look like this:

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As you can see, in these elections, 2nd preferences are often extremely important. They can completely change elections – sometimes the candidate with the most votes in the first round of voting is overtaken in second round because of transferred votes.

Who’s RON?

If you don’t like any of the options, remember – you can always vote to Re-Open Nominations (RON). If RON wins, we’ll re-run the election process for this position.

Why do we use STV?

Single Transferable Voting, wastes fewer votes – the person who voted for Tarzan is not ignored because they voted for an unpopular candidate, their second choice decides the election!So basically, STV, gives voters more opportunities to influence the election and let’s them get their second or third preference when they can’t get their first.This means that voters do not have to vote tactically – they can just choose their favourite.