My name is Marta Szurmiej and I’m a 3rd year Product Design student at UCA Farnham.
I’ve been involved with the SU for quite a bit, but especially in my third year of studies when I realised how great the organisation was.
If you recognise me, it’s probably because I’ve been working behind the bar in Glasshouse for about 2,5 years now, but since September 2017 I also started to work in the UCASU as an Intern.
I passionately observe student life both from the inside as a student myself, but also a little bit from the outside, getting involved with the Union and by being a Course Rep.
I’m a very driven and hardworking, especially when I really care about something, like for example the students’ wellbeing at our University.
There isn’t one perfect way to please or help everyone of course, but I’m willing to take all possible measures to start improving little things that will slowly make a change to actually make you happy!
One of the things I would like to focus on is how to improve our students’ social life. I would like to arrange termly meetings to discuss the Events put on in the Glasshouse. With a collective of all demographics (all years of studies, people with different taste and ideas to have a large variety of ideas) I’m sure we could try and satisfy all of your needs for an amazing student life experience.