Further Education Co-opt

Further Education Co-opt

UCASU are looking for four part-time officers (PTOs) from our Further Education student cohort, representing each UCA campus (Canterbury, Epsom, Farnham and Rochester). If you are interested in representing the FE voice within UCASU and to the wider UCA body, please read on. 

As a PTO you will sit on Union Council and can make significant change within UCASU and the University by voting on motions put forward by other officers and/or students. You will support the Presidents and UCASU staff with events and student voice as well as having staff support with you own aims for the year. Currently, Union Council is made up of the two full-time Presidents, eight PTOs (pending a by-election for a second Rochester officer) and with four FE PTOs, that will take the Council up to twelve members. 

For the FE PTO roles, we will be running a co-opt - this is where the current Union Council members will look over all the applications made and choose who they think they best candidate is for each campus. You do not need to run an election campaign, just write why you would make a good PTO and what you would like to focus on. 

What does a FE PTO do?

  • Member of Union Council; this all student committee, made up of Presidents and part-time officers, discuss both SU and University matters as well as create and vote on motions that impact the running of the UCASU;
  • Student representation for not only your respective campus but for the Further Education cohort across UCA, taking feedback from students to Union Council and higher;
  • Deliver their aims;
  • Get involved with the planning and running of SU events.

Why should I run for a PTO?
As a part-time officer, you have the fantastic opportunity to be directly involved with the Students’ Union, have a say in how large scale events are run, be responsible for elevating the voice of 6000 students as well as delivering on projects and campaigns that matter to you.

In your volunteer position, you’ll learn invaluable transferable skills such as communication, influencing others, teamwork and more - all of these will look great on your CV, not to mention the experience you’ll gain to back them up.

You’ll have the support of a great staff team as well as the two Presidents and we can provide training and social opportunities to benefit.

Sounds good, how do I apply?
As mentioned, this isn't an election; there is no campaigning. You just need to submit your details below including the reasons why you would make a good PTO, your previous experience (if any) and what things you might consider focusing on. The deadline for submission is now Monday 3rd October, 12pm and your application will be sent to Union Council for them to make a decision on who they think is the best candidate, this will be based on your submission on why you should be considered. 

If you have any questions, please email elections.su@uca.ac.uk.