IWD: How Did It Come About?

Happy International Women’s Day everyone! Today, I decided to start my work day by looking into the history of IWD because, being honest, I did not know how the day came about (and you may not either!) So, here is a very brief history session on International Women’s Day. On February 28th 1909, the Socialist […]

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LGBTQ+ History Month

Hey everyone! It’s LGBTQ+ History month! We’re so excited to be putting on various events throughout the month. Keep your eyes peeled for the Pink posters on your campus which give you more details about upcoming events.   This year the theme nationally is around Peace. Reconciliation and Activism. It’s important that we remember our […]

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So this year we’re launching the Bi-Weekly Wednesday wins! We think it is your right to know about what we’re doing with our time, So thanks for choosing to read my Wednesday Wins.   It’s been a hectic time here in the Students’ Union! Freshers! You were amazing! I don’t know about you but I’m […]

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Statement about sex-for-rent exploitation in Canterbury

In recent weeks, an investigation by Unified revealed that a number of Canterbury landlords have been luring students into exploitative sex-for-rent arrangements. The article explains how more than 10 landlords have admitted to taking women students as tenants – some of whom are international students – in exchange for regular sexual favours.   UCASU condemns […]

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A message From Simone Ziel, Your Vice-President (Surrey) Elect on International Women’s Day!

Today is March 8th. Today is a bittersweet day. As everyone will be celebrating women around the world, their accomplishments and changes they have brought forth to the world, many will also be remembering those who have had to endure the consequences of this. Those who were persecuted for not abiding to the laws set […]

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BY BETH ASHLEY   I was invited by the women’s charity Refuge to speak at Avon’s International Women’s Day event in London, which I attended in March. I was part of a panel of researchers (myself providing a personal approach to the issue) with amazing people like the Refuge and Avon CEOs, and MP Jess […]

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